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I get a ton of communication of what I would recommend people to gift for others, usually, women asking what to get for their husbands, boyfriends, or sons.  Also, get a decent amount of people asking what I would recommend as a gift to a new, or experienced, police officer.  This is obviously by design, but I tell them to purchase EDC medical items first and foremost.  V Development Group stocks the majority of EDC medical items anyone would want, from responsibly armed citizens to veteran police officers.  This is done so that there is one place that has the items. 


But what happens when you have been doing the research, been training, and have a good amount of EDC medical kits already, or more directly, want to purchase something else other than medical items.  If the person you are shopping for is a gun-type person, or just likes to have "tool" type hard use items, then you should definitely look at Lumtec watches.  I have had probably more than a dozen Lumtec's over the years since the company opened its doors, and they are on par with some of the more expensive watches that are worth 5x their cost in terms of value, performance, and appeal.  I have several Lumtec watches I wear in my rotation right now, and there is usually one or two that I throw in the mix because they are so good.  


If the person you are shopping for enjoys shooting, taking classes, and doing gun-related stuff, upgraded ear-pro accessories from Noisefighters are the best in the industry.  I have the gel pad upgrades on all of my electronic ear-pro and the cooling covers on several of them as well.  The level of comfort that these add to your ear-pro is worth their weight in gold.  I tell everyone who will listen to upgrade to these gel pads every single time, never had a single complaint yet.

Patriot Men

I know there are a ton of American handmade soap companies out there, but I can tell you without hesitation that Patriot Men's natural soaps are awesome.  Made in Idaho, as a small LE-owned business these soaps smell awesome and are natural.  I have used nearly every scent they sell and am happy with this product.  They were nice enough to provide a discount code - VDMSR - for some percentages off.  I don't get anything for the use, you just save.  Totally worth it.


If you follow this site with any frequency you know that I am always suggesting you get yourself an Amtacblades.com blade for EDC.  Bill has three different blades now, the Northman, the Magnus, and the Minuteman.  These are the best EDC blades on the market in my opinion.  I carry a rotation of them at all times.  Remember you aren't just buying a blade but you are buying a training system with a live blade for application.  Very much worth every penny.

external hard drive

Every year I post up links to Amazon, specifically external hard drives, and thumb drives (specifically Sandisk) because we live in a digital age.  Everything we produce with our cellphones, photos, videos, documents, and so on, are in digital format.  We can save them forever if we choose to.  You should choose to save them, and make sure you back them up each time.  I already posted a few times about protocols on backing up your data.  You should have at least one set of redundant backups for everything digital you have on any phone, computer, tablet, or otherwise.  Technology has a way of failing at the worst possible time for you, so you should hedge against that.  Cloud backup is NOT considered redundancy.  I do not trust it, you should not either.  You should have the physical drive(s) you for everything you want to save.  Memory is still fairly cheap, and definitely cheaper than it was many years ago.  Fair warning.