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Post Prime Day Roundup


In case you missed Prime Day, and unfortunately, it is still not because of the death of Optimus Prime, you can still get some decent deals.  Every prime day and Black Friday sales events, I look for one or two specific items that I always need more of every year, that's digital memory.  These are some I found post-prime day, which are still pretty decent.

WD 4TB "My Book" External HDD $98.99 - which is a steal per TB and what it does overall.
WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD $57.99 - I have two of these I use for general purpose backups and they work really well.
Sandisk Ultra 64GB USB thumb drive $11.99 - This is the new generation, I have several I use at work, on key rings, they are really good to go and can be secured using passwording and encryption.
Samsung 64GB USB key ring thumb drive $11.99 - I have two of these on my keyrings, one at work.  They work really well for having a thumb drive you can beat up on your keys, can encrypt, and can use as a general-purpose tool for data management.

Any way you slice it, you should always have double and triple-redundant backups of all of your valuable digital files.  The current industry standard is to have at least two physical backups, one off-site, of every valuable digital file, backed up every 3 months.  If you take photos on your phone, if you literally do anything online and save files, if you produce content, anything at all, do yourself a favor and backup everything on your local drive, then on two different external drives, one being stored (and secured) elsewhere, swap them out every 3 months.  I know that's difficult, but memory is not as expensive as it used to be and it's very much accessible now.  Do yourself a favor and do it now before you start to hate life because you didn't back anything up and lost valuable data you can never regain.  Do not trust the cloud for your valuable data, especially if you will suffer serious issues if you lose it.  

All black Megingjord and Multicam Black Megingjord in MEDIUM restocked over at vdevgru.com

Know the status of your firearm

There are a few videos that I have seen lately that have shown officers not knowing the status of their firearms, pistols specifically.  Bill Rapier, of amtacshooting.com, always goes over the proper procedure of checking if your firearm.  If you have not trained with Bill, you should definitely seek out a class of his and learn the mindset behind firearm manipulations.  

First video comes out of Chicago PD.  Officers are attacked by a man who overcame tasers and had a knife.  The officer in the video attempts to shoot the male but his pistol doesn't sound like it was loaded.

Next video is out of Roy City PD, starts at around the 6:45 mark, the officer sends a K9 out to grab a guy who fled from the officer during a pursuit.  The officer goes to shoot the male but the gun either malfunctions or isn't loaded.  He tap/racks and gets a click.  Then rips the magazine out, racks again and puts rounds on target effectively.  The officer's K9 does and survives.

9/11 - 19 years later

The stories of heroism showed by many that day should never be forgotten, and you should tell others in case they have forgotten those brave men and women on this day, 19 years ago.  The story of NYPD Officer Mora Smith, who ran back inside the towers after saving a citizen.  The above was found in the rubble.  She was credited with being the first NYPD officer to report what occurred.

Lumtec 350m2

Lumtec Diver, 350m2 and company.

Megingjord V4 - Feature Analysis

If you carry a firearm concealed, you probably know that you need a complete system in order to do it properly, from holster to clothing.  Many people just check the box when it comes to belts, just like holsters, get whatever is popular or whatever is cheap, that's the worst thing you can do, buy a product because it's cheap and looks like / markets like another more expensive product.  Originally when I began to consider the Megingjord belt concept I started to consider the things I would like in this type of belt.  As with all things, the reason for the original design was a collision of concept with the reality of material selection and general development processes.  This is something that I kept working on because with enough time you gain knowledge and apply to evolve a concept.  The V4 version of the Megingjord is one of the latest designs which have a lot of the features which I originally wanted to include but needed the time to develop and flush out.  A buddy of mine said that this is becoming like the 911 Carrera of belts because its the same design, and the older versions still work very well while the newest version will just have newer technical developments.  

Dispelling Law Enforcement Misconceptions

Over the last few weeks, we have all heard every pundit's opinion on how to fix law enforcement, and we have all seen our fair share of off the cuff law enforcement related posts.  The naysayers, the Monday morning quarterbacks, the agenda-driven politicians, and the political hacks rarely all have anything intelligent or experienced, to say on the matter.  This is usually where a professional in the given field in question would stand up and make some public statements explaining the issues at hand knowledgeably.  The issue we have is that the average law enforcement department or agency directly forbids that type of action by its officers.  If you don't believe me, ask Greg Anderson what happened after he publicly made a statement attempting to shine a light and educate people on some of the issues, he got fired by his brass.  After all the unrest following a tragic death in police custody, we now have an entire movement devoted to police "reform" (aka defunding) and a brand new batch of people who want to talk about law enforcement as if they know anything about it.  Law enforcement is unlike any other profession in the USA, no other job comes even remotely close to the issues the average law enforcement officer (LEO) deals with on a daily basis, this starts at the issues with training and continues all the way to political issues in the current climate and how that affects the daily job.

The Magnus

More amtacblades.com Magnus.  Why not?

Bootleg Inc

I've got a few Bootleg Inc products, the rail and upper on this rifle are made by them.  Quality products I'm pretty happy with.


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