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Non-Physical Contact Reactionary Gap

Check out this video:

According to a local news agency, this female officer shot and killed Danquirs Franklin after he refused to drop a pistol he was holding.  The two officers in the body camera video responded to a priority 911 call for a person with a gun inside of a restaurant.  This is a call which is taken extremely serious, and if founded, has a very high probability of arrest and/or use of force by responding officers. 

I am not going to get into a play-by-play but I want to touch on one subject specifically because this will be crutch of any decision made in determining if this was a good or bad "shoot". 

If you do not know what "Reactionary Gap" is watch this video for a pretty simple explanation:

So what does "non-physical contact" reactionary gap mean?  It means that a person will see a movement, intake the response stimuli and respond within a predictable span of time, which may be after a person has already completed an action and moved onto another action.  It's the old "they shot him in the back" tripe which has been debunked a million times over in numerous court rooms by experts on the matter.  Thankfully this is settled scientific fact at this point. 

The officers kept telling Franklin to drop the gun, I didn't count how many times but it was more than 10, at least.  Franklin, instead of just dropping the gun on the ground where he had it, and predictably would not have been shot, instead chose to move the pistol forward in front of him in a manner consistent to a draw stroke.  The movement itself was quickly executed with purpose, which is completely counter to the commands given to him by the two officers.  The female officer saw the quick movement of the pistol forward and reacted immediately, the issue was that there was still a span of time during that movement which elapsed. 

Average human reaction time is between .5 and .8, so in that span of time he was able to move the pistol forward enough as to not be aiming it at the officers, the issues is that the female officer had already taken in the stimulus which prompted her to fire two shoots at Franklin.  What she did was 100% correct.

A LEO does not need to wait until they are being fired upon, they are not required to be shot at before taking action against someone.  Per Graham v. Connor, use of force must be "objectively reasonable" and it would be completely unreasonable to wait until someone is shooting at you before using any amount of force.

This was 100% a good shoot, which we can use as a learning scenario.  There was no use of cover, at all.  Franklin could have shot at the two officers first and possibly injured or killed one of them before either would have reacted to shoot back.  With two officers on scene, both should have used vehicles as cover when forming an L-shape and one should have attempted to deploy less-lethal like a taser.  Pipe dream, of course, as this was a very tense situation and both officers were likely in condition black, hence the repeating commands constantly.  Officers need to be taught to have more in their bag of skills than yelling a command repeatedly while pointing a gun at a suspect.  There are two possible outcomes within this type of scenario when you go into it in such a manner, one we saw happen, the other did not because of the actions of Franklin.  He is the only one responsible for how that situation went down.  At the moment when the police arrived he could have just raised his hands in the air, and/or put the gun on the ground and complied with the orders of the two officers and this wouldn't even be something we'd ever known about.  He was shot, twice, because of his failure to follow reasonable commands and his unreasonable actions.

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Dark Wing

If you haven't yet done so, get yourself a darkwing...it's awesome.

V Development Group shirt contest

Keanu Reeves Tactical Training for John Wick 3 with Vigilance Elite

I enjoy these types of videos, not for the fact that an actor is actually taking the time to learn a concept which he would otherwise not understand and completely misrepresent on the big screen, but for the fact that competition guys like Taran can only stand there, watch what is being presented and not have anything to add, because as always, real world skill / knowledge completely outweigh fantasy world gaming.

The Highwaymen - A Review

The story of Bonnie and Clyde, as told by a Netflix budget.  This is definitely a better done movie than the previously reviewed Triple Frontier, which was sold as a better piece but not as well made as this film.  Since this may be a thing, customary disclaimer that this post will contain spoilers.

Niche Tools

Sometimes you need to have the right tools for the right job, sometimes those tools are very niche.

High end Blades and Blasters

I am not a gucci glock lover, but I do enjoy a well thought out design every once in a while.  I've posted about Thompson_leh Slides before, they are legit and I'd recommend checking them out instead of the ridiculously expensive slides already out there.  These are cheaper than most and manufactured way better.  On the TL slide I've got a 1MOA Trijicon RMR, a prototype barrel, a Streamlight TLR7, Ameriglo Suppressor Height Sights and an SCD from taudevgroup.com.  The Blade is a headhunterblades.com Kryptos Dagger, and one of the best daggers on the market.

The Svenfthorn

The Svefnthorn, an old Viking symbol meaning "Sleep Thorn" is applied today to various concepts, one of which is the blade.

Triple Frontier - A Review

After posting a story on my IG page I had a huge amount of people DM me asking me what I thought about the realism. Had a few ask for a short review so here goes.  I may start reviewing these types of films more often as they seem to have become more consistently better than they have been in the past, but still need a good bit of improvement.  This is purely based on my personal opinion and will contain spoilers.

Just Texas Things

There is a lot I really like about Texas, they respect the flag, they very fine whiskey like this single malt Herman Marshall whiskey bottle and, of course, this Kryptos Dagger from Headhunterblades.com.

Bring your tools

The prerequisite for being "ready" is to always have your tools.  The amtacblades.com Northman Blade is one of those tools that I always have with me.  The other is that Gen5 Glock 19.

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Whenever you hear, see, or read something which challenges your direct perception of reality you have several options.  The majority of people will simply have an emotional knee jerk reaction, either stemming from cognitive dissonance or from the dunning-kruger effect.  The issue is that it is extremely difficult for the person experiencing this base level response to understand that, it takes not only experience but the willingness to accept reality as it truly is instead of responding to that person or concept negatively, emotionally, through weakness.  This is the group which has not experienced the serious repercussions of their statements, beliefs or actions.  This is where the "boot" or "rookie" fit in that simply cannot stop talking about something or "knowing better" than the senior trying to teach them.  This is where the mid-level guy who just met the bare minimum requirements at their job resides, this is where the person who does not have their life going well because of their inability to accept simple truths in reality reside.  This is where the person who is on the second or third step on the ladder when they should be in the middle or the top.  A lot of people fall into this particular category and you can easily fall back into it depending on the particular situation or circumstance.  Being successful in a particular job, activity, skill set, being monetarily wealthy or a supervisor does not immediately kick you out of this category, in fact the more responsibility you have the higher the chance there is of you falling back or staying in this category.  

There are is a slightly smaller group of people who will be able to fend off an outwardly visible weak reaction of emotion, that does not mean they do not experience it, the opposite, they experienced it so many times that they have learned that they must stop themselves from appearing as though they are having this reaction as it will stigmatize them to others quickly, but that reaction is still occurring, just under the skin.  The physical manifestation of this response may be utter and complete silence (deer in head lights) or it may trigger a defensive articulation of some sort.  That is better than the vile and weak base response first listed, as these are the people who have experienced the backlash of having made those mistakes and have learned from them.  Fallacy projection is common here, but not because of inexperienced, but because there are still some truths which are very difficult to accept as they may turn their world view and their life on its side.  This is where many upper-mid level to upper-level managers/supervisors reside, along with those who accept dogma without question.  Both of these types of people have gone through the processes of accepting that there is a way to the world and have accepted this as a default fact of life.  The issue is, of course, that is not actually how reality works in some of those cases, but only appears to work that way in their particularly small part of reality, and there is always an exception to the rule which is coming around the corner.

There is an even smaller group who have experienced the cold hand shake of reality, during which they have lost, suffered, tired and worked endlessly, hurt themselves or others and still struggle to make their way through reality as it is, by its very nature, very difficult and hazardous.  These are the people know you can have a normal, competent and non-hostile conversation with about topics which are very difficult to cover with the people in the first two groups above.  Those who accept the sincerity of people and take them at their word without any concept that they may be deceptive as they are providing evidence, either through experience or empirical, to support their stances and experience.  These are the people who live their lives in a near stoic way.  This way requires a lot of experience and education, not about any particular topic but about life and about reality.  It requires a logically based approach to how life and reality intertwine.  There is a lot of upkeep here, and those who live here are constantly working to try to better themselves everyday, because yesterdays version of themselves is not going to be as strong as today's through their actions.  

The smallest group of people are those who do not react to anyone about anything.  They simply disregard what others tell them and replace it with their understanding of life and reality.  These types of people are normally socially awkward and difficult to get along with, they are also not always correct in their understanding of reality or life as they do not have anyone to "check" them when they go out on their frozen lake (a concept I learned from TTK).  

You should know that depending on the circumstance or situation you may find yourself being in one group or another.  A medical doctor is probably pretty versed in how reality and life are as medicine and healthy living apply to them, but they may be in that first category when it comes to their love life.  These concepts are very much dependent on the circumstance and situation, this is why when A-List hollywood actors make political statements that first groups listens to them, its a knee jerk reaction to their wealth and status.  Those in the smaller groups know that those same actors did not make their money from their political opinions and they should be disregarded as that's not their particular expertise.  If that same hollywood actor were to speak about acting and how to find a good role, yeah you should probably listen, but unless they've proven an expertise in that particular field they should be disregarded almost immediately.  Extreme success in one field does not carry over to anything else unless proven through evidence.  

Shotty Views

Mossberg Shockwave with various accessories, Federal 00 and a Hellhound 1oz Silver Coin.

Stuff you want

My friend Kevin Estela released a new book called, "101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods."  I've got mine on it's way, which I pre-ordered.  Kevin takes the Sayoc Kali "Feeder" concept and applies it to survival skill sets.  you should probably be looking to read this book.  Sure there are some interesting skills you may have a chance to read about but the conceptual application of mindset to them is what this book really hammers home.  Check it out.