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Monoblock Gear Clip 1.5"

The new Monoblock Gear Clip 1.5" is now LIVE over at V Development Group.  This is the newest development from Discreet Carry Concepts.  It is designed to directly replace your existing two screws plastic quick clip (link for demonstration purposes).  These are designed with real-world retention to exceed that which a plastic clip can offer.  If you have a plastic clip this is the upgrade you must do.  It is the best possible upgrade for those types of holsters.

The Magnus - Initial Impressions

The Amtacblades.com Magnus is the newest release from Bill Rapier, lead instructor of American Tactical Shooting Instruction.  This is the second blade designed for inside the waistband (IWB) everyday carry (EDC), the first was the Northman, which I will compare the Magnus to, as well as others further on in this initial impression.

The Magnus

If you do not yet know, amtacblades.com has released The Magnus, a full-size IWB, EDC designed blade.  I'll be doing a write-up of my initial thoughts and a comparison of the Magnus to other blades in the industry. 

In the photo is a KAC SR15, an SRS Swatcom Active8 headset with noisefighter gel upgrades, and a pocket bible.

Good talk about manhood


Every EDC is different has to be able to fit a specific mission requirement.  Depending on what you are doing and where you are going you may need very specific tools or general-purpose tools.  The Amtacblades.com Northman is a pocket blade which is very much applicable to everyday carry.  The M2 QuickMag V2 is something which I've been testing on and off, I will be tweaking the design a little bit before I get it the go-ahead but so far it's a good pocket magazine solution which greatly overcomes the issues other systems (like the neomag) have inherent to their designs, it's also very modular and comes with a discreet clip attachment, lots of boxes checked.  The Nightstick Lights USB-558XL is a light I will carry from time to time as it is small, USB rechargeable and has a lot of different applications.  I would recommend you check it out if you are looking for a "one size fits all" solution for a duty/EDC flashlight.  It's in my review queue.


The Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT) is CoTCCC recommended being designed around training and EDC.  Field-proven and the most modern TQ on the market today.  Check them out and upgrade your old tired TQ.  I wrote an article about The RMT and Why You Should A Tourniquet you should check out.

The Fledgling Pocket Blade

The Schultsbladeworks.com Fledgling is a tiny, but very thicc, blade that's designed for a three-finger hold to utilize.  It is a decent blade for the niche of pocket application.  Still working on daily use to give good feedback on it.

Arisaka Offset Optic Mount - Adjustable Angle Offset Red Dot Mount

Arisaka Defense sent me this rifle mounted offset optic mount for the RMR/SRO.  I went through the installation process and the mount is pretty robust, I want to give an overview of the mount in this post.  This mount came with a number 2 plate for the RMR but they made various plates that fit Aimpoint T1/2's, C-More's, Delta Points and even the ACRO.  In case you are wondering about the t-handle screwdriver, it's a Felo 1/4 t-handle hex bit (I get emails whenever I don't mention the tools).

Bootleg Black Rifle Parts

If you're looking for some killer AR15 items, I have been running this Bootleg Inc upper and MLOK rail for a while now, and I am pretty happy with their performance. 

Modlite OKW Handheld

Not all handheld flashlights are made with the same concepts in mind.  The Modlite OKW Handheld was developed with the forward-thinking of real-world applications in mind.  This means that the 69,000 candela, hot spot, type throw the light casts while powered by a 18650 rechargeable battery is going to do more than just illuminate.  If you are in the market for an ultra high end flashlight this should be on your list to research.

Black Rifle Accessories

If you are in the market for AR15 accessories (which you undoubtedly are) you should definitely check out Arisaka Defense.  Their MLOK finger stop and inline flashlight mounts are pretty damn good to go.  This one has a Modlite OKW 18650 setup and it works really well.  The rail is from bootleg inc, their MLOK rail is light and works well.  Barrel is a Rainier Arms Ultramatch 2 shorty.

Purpose Built

V Development Group Seraph which fits the 43/48, which has industry exclusive MOD4 "short wing" extra clamping force clips, a DarkWing and a large muzzle pad.  Glock 48 has Ameriglo iron sights and an SCD from Taudevgroup.comModlite handheld with OKW head.  Headhunterblades.com Dirty blade with custom @northmanblades handle.  Otterbox case on the phone.


The schultzbladeworks.com Fledgling is a small version of the Crane's Beak, which is designed around a three finger grip from a pocket draw.  SKD Pig Gloves in multicam, since everyone needs gloves and the SKD Pig Gloves are the best in the business.

The Seraph Duty Grade Holster

In this industry there are a million different holsters, and I have tried most of them at one point or another, including the top tier versions and the low effort versions.  When I set out to design a duty grade holster the finished product was this Seraph AIWB Duty Grade Holster from V Development Group.  This holster features true hide premium kydex material, comes with a DarkWing (an industry standard for AIWB wings), comes with 2x MOD4 DCC "Short Wing" clips with extra clamping force, two premium soft looks and a large muzzle pad.  Aside from these things, the holster itself features an open bottom design for maximum comfort, as well as specific geometry for retention.  The gun "clicks" into place every single time, no matter what.  I have personally worn a Seraph on duty for 16+ hour days, consecutively, without issue.  The rear and front sights are protected from contact, and there is a large amount of mindset considerations which went into the overall design of this holster.  If you are in the market for a "the one" AIWB holster, you'll be very hard pressed to find anything more premium or more rigorously tested to duty grade standards.  Beyond that, the previous generations of the Seraph have all been compatible with any future modifications or attachment upgrades.  So the Seraph I have from several years ago still works perfectly fine and is able to accept all the upgrades. 

Lots of Pew

Bootleg inc MLOK handguard, upper receiver and adjustable bolt carrier (for suppressed use).  Arisaka Defense MLOK fingerstop.  Rainier Arms Ultramatch 2 barrel.  Geissele tall mount for Aimpoint T1/2.  KAC Flask, for when you get thirsty during the boog.  Headhunterblades.com Kryptos Dagger.  Magpul 40 rounder and varying party favors for good measure.

Help an officer in need

Officer Thmpson has been battling cancer for a good period of time and he needs some assistance because his department has been shortstroking him on benefits, care and support.  This is a situation where a good officer is being screwed over by the top brass for simply existing.  Darrel has a gofundme page up, and I can verify it is directly to support his financial issues stemming from his battle with cancer and his departments non-support.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated!

Purpose Built EDC

Not all EDC items are made the same, some are much more applicable to specific circumstances than others.  If you are looking to upgrade your EDC items, these are some of the best (as long as they are legal in your AO).

Modlite Handheld 18650 with OKW head
Headhunterblades.com Dirty Blade with custom NorthmanBlades Handle
1.5" RMT Tourniquet (TCCC approved) - The best TQ on the market in my opinion
Brass Knuckles

Arisaka Defense Offset Optic (RMR) Mount

Arisaka Defense crushes it again with their Offset Optic Mount.  I threw a 1 MOA RM09 RMR on it.  Very fast to pick up target up close.  I'll be doing an initial impressions write up about it shortly.

Go Big

Go big or go home.  Clockwise: P14 bino setup from saltcityguncompany.com, Modlite IR 18650 on Arisaka Defense inline MLOK mount and fingerstop, on a bootleg inc handguard.  Kryptos Dagger from headhunterblades.comTL Gen3 slide with Trijicon SRO and Ameriglo MOS sights, SCD from Taudevgroup.com and 850XL from nightsticklightsMSA Sordin Supreme PRO-X with noisefighter earpro gel upgrades (these are awesome)