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Miami Dade UPS armed hijacker shooting incident

If you have not seen this yet, it's been all over the internet, all the crazy anti-LE people are coming out in droves and putting their foot in their mouths.  Right now, the news is reporting (link autoplays a video with sound) that 4 are dead after a daytime jewelry store robbery and carjacking of a UPS truck and the kidnapping of its driver who was killed in a subsequent daytime freeway during traffic shootout.  The issue people are pointing out is that the officers used civilian's cars as temporary cover and that was extremely bad.  It may have been, but it is too soon to tell as its an ongoing investigation which requires more time to develop and for forensics to come back from the deceased and shot.  One innocent bystander was shot and killed, there is also a ton of video.  I'm going to try to post as much video as I can here, although its difficult to find and its getting zucked almost as fast as it's being uploaded.  Once there is more info available and more reports come back I will sit down and hammer out an educated LE opinion article on it.

Sunday Evening Thoughts

If you've been tracking on this situation in NY, you know that there has been a yuge amount of activity on social media because of it.  Thankfully there are two serious lessons to be learned directly from this situation, which most people have learned early on in life but for those who need a refresher, I'l spell it out.

Blauer Crush Boot - Initial Impression

Blauer sent me these Crush Boots and having worn them for about a week, I can say I am pretty happy with them overall.  When I first got them I posted on my Instragram page @vdmsr a bunch of photos and wanted to follow up with a more detailed initial impression post.  From the above photo you can see that they very much look like a modern "sneaker" type duty boot or mid-height cross-training type shoe.  If you read my review of the heavily used Salomon XA Pro Mid GTX duty boots, you'll know I really like mid-height boots for duty work.  Most PD's have a requirement that the boots be black for duty and toe be to hold a polish.  While I respect that requirement these are specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the daily grind of police street work.  You can see that there is molded rubber on the front, sides and rear heel area.  That makes for easy clean up if they get dirty, you just hose them down and that'll take care of it.  Another good aspect of them is that they are very breathable, definitely not a cold-weather winter boot as they aren't insulated, but good for 40+ degree days at the lowest.

Guardian Angel Device and friends

I posted about the Guardian Angel Device before, threw it into some more photos with friends.  Headhunterblades.com Dirty Blade, Nightstick Lights USB-558XL, ThompsonLeh G19 Slide with Trijicon SRO and Nightstick Lights TCM-550XL.

If you're going to purchase a GA device please use code 236CLIP for a free clip and free shipping!

ATEI Shim-Sight ACRO Milled Slide

Quick post about the ATEI milled slide with their custom shim-sight for the ACRO setup.  I'll be posting more about it tomorrow!

Internet Finds

There is a lot of cool stuff I've found online over the last few weeks and wanted to post it up before Black Friday as you guys may be interested enough to seek it out.

The above photo'd Mystery Ranch Saddle Peak Pack is a new release from Mystery Ranch.  Looks pretty cool and if MR is going to go with this new design as their standard away from the tri-zipper type design that may be a win.  These are slightly larger than the Urban Assault pack I've had for a while which I'll be reviewing soon, but smaller than the Scree which I am currently using.

Hamilton watch released their black chrono version of the Khaki Field Automatic.  It looks a lot like the IWC Top Gun, which is 10x more expensive but aesthetics are still there.  There is a non-chrono version which has been available for a while now, which is half the price of the new chrono.

I posted before about Mission Darkness Faraday Bags, and its something that I keep finding online which as a very legit application, privacy.  If you put your phone in one of these bags, it is not going to get signal and cannot send anything out either.  So if you're worried about the NSA spying through you on your phone, or you believe the FBI is tracking your location via GPS, this is probably a good idea to get.

Home protection, documentation and the social aspect of the Ring devices is very interesting and should be considered.  There is usually some sort of Black Friday deal on these types of devices, but even if you don't want to get the Pro version (above) there is a cheaper (almost half) which is still pretty effective.  I'd highly recommend getting some kind of video system for your home to cover your front and back area which directly connects to your phone and saves footage you can access if needed.  Now a days we are stuck in a "video or it didn't happen" type of culture and it may get more into that particular realm the more personal video surveillance becomes accessible, and necessary. 

Longines released this Heritage Military 1938 watch recently.  At 43mm and featuring their in house mechanical movement it's pretty cool.  The older watches which were very popular during the 1930-1940's are being redesigned, made slightly larger and re-released with modern movements.  This watch comes in at a modest $2400 retail, so you'll probably be able to find it for under $1500 soon, that's a steal of a price for such a watch.

George Will released a pretty detailed and thoroughly thought out book, The Conservative Sensibility.  This book is in line, and cites, other major works well known in the conservative circles, like The Conservative Mind, and The Promise of American Life.  If you missed George Will on Ben Shapiro's Podcast, you should check out the interview.

Sandisk dual USB type-c and a traditional USB connector in one device.  So you can go from your phone to your computer, and the other was around.  Gives you expanded ability with your phone or your laptop device to transfer data, videos, etc.  Just make sure you encrypt anything you put on this device that you don't want getting out there.

Samsung Space Monitor comes in two different sizes, in 4K and comes with a tilting mount for $400.  I remember when these types of setups easily cost double.  Now the name is a little bit of a misnomer, in that, it's not "Space age" it's having to do with "space" as in area.  It allows you to use a big monitor in a smaller than normal working space because it can tilt up and down.  It's also bezel-less on three sides, which means during the 2020 CES which is coming, there will be some serious releases.

Multifunctional socket set with universal socket, these used to be at home depot for around twice the cost of them currently.  The universal socket works on nearly everything without having to get a specific size of that socket.  It's good for general purpose and not meant for torquing anything serious.  There are some pretty interesting hacks with these tools so you can google them if you are interested.

Pick-up tool combo, these are about $10 or so for both and you get have some easy to carry tools to grab things in small, hard to reach areas.  These types of tools are an absolute must for most tool kits as they allow you to get to, and retrieve, small items (like small screws/springs for pistols).

6mm diamond texture work gloves, these are also good for not getting blood all over your hands.  A good pair of disposable gloves is worth their weight in gold.

Cyalume Commercial/Industrial grade green glow sticks.  They are about $1/stick, and they will last on a shelf for a few years.  Easy insurance for SHTF type situations.

Wera Tool Check Plus, a small, almost pocket sized, tool kit which lets you do a lot of things with a small package.  This kit is really small but build extremely well.  I've seen these kits in person and they are very well built.

The Echo Show 5, and those devices like it, allow you do things on-the-fly which you may not have been able to do before.  Specifically, have real-time vision of your RING system I posted about above, give you direct info on a screen and provide you a facetime/duo/etc video chat type connection as you go.  Most of all it allows you use to youtube and the computing power of google and amazon to get info immediately visually.  This is really good and come Black Friday I'll probably be getting one of these, or something bigger.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay camera, is a pretty interesting modern concept of the old school Polaroids.  These have bluetooth, and a variety of new features which we wish we had back in the day.  Most of all, you can print out photos and hand them to people, that's literally priceless.  You can re-print the same photo, as it's digitally stored and the refills are about 50cents a piece, which is still fairly expensive if you look at how much Amazon Photo costs you, but still not bad in the grand scheme of things.  This would make an awesome gift for a younger child who wants to record a trip or something of that nature.

If you are looking for a set of new active-styled headphones which also provide you an awesome level of tactical awareness, the newer versions of the bone-induction headphones are probably the best available right now.  AfterShokz makes a bunch of different types of bone-induction headphones, I have used one of these for an afternoon and I can say without hesitation that they do really well for allowing you to hear things around you without allowing people around you to hear what you are listening to (on just under highest volume setting).

Guardian Angel Devices - Initial Use Impressions

In August I started seeing these Guard Angel Devices start popping up around various places.  I work at night a lot and doing vehicle investigations street side is hazardous work, so on person lighting options other than flashlight are really interesting to me.  I reached out to them and they sent me a Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light.  I started using it daily while working any after-dark shift.  The immediately awesome thing was that the device has a really strong magnet on the bottom of it.

New Dawn Roast Veteran's Day Deal!

New Dawn Roast coffee is my go to coffee for espresso and standard drip.  If you follow my IG page you will see how much I use of it.  It is the coffee constantly recommend to people as it's aroma and taste are beyond anything you can buy from any store and even many local roasters can't get coffee as right as this.  For veteran's day there is a $9.99 / 12oz bag deal going on on V Development Group's store page.  When you buy 2+ bags at once, you get free shipping (on your whole order).

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Throughout my professional life, and especially within the LE field, I can say that I have seen the "ok boomer" concept manifest into frustration, and not just for myself.  When I first got into LE, nearly every senior officer or supervisor I came into contact with on duty was old enough to be parent.  This had a really weird way of creating how things worked out through my shift.  The main issue, at least for me, was that there was a lot of "this is how it's always been done" type dogma going on, and those who would make those statements almost always did so when it would directly pertain to something that would benefiting them.  I found that when it would benefit the younger (or next) generation of LEO's coming up through the ranks, the rules would change arbitrarily to stop it or would be designed in such a way that it would still benefit the older officers in some way.  It would be easy to see this as an issue exclusive to LE, but yet it isn't.  I have seen it in the private sector before I got into LE, almost identical in nature.

After the issues with dogma come the second biggest issue I have seen when considering the generational divide.  The older officers, especially those in Gen X (or older as they are sort of the same in mindset) took new ideas, approaches and competency as a direct assault against themselves.  They took it very personal.  One such example of this I have is when a performance evaluation was due and I was leading my area in a particular field of activity, once certain older officers found out and one specifically found out this was true by the numbers, he actually confronted me and told me to "chill the fuck out, you are making everyone else look bad."  This happened about ten, or so, ago and that officer has since retired, but it was a very eye opening moment for me.  I am being called out for doing my job better, or more effectively, than a senior officer and for that I am wrong?  I guess that's part of the separation beyond the generations.  I let my work speak for itself whereas the senior officers believed they were entitled to certain accolades for simply being on the job for as long as they were.  While they may deserve certain considerations, those which they were after they had not earned and I did through hard work.

Even still, I will always strive to not allow myself to look upon a person and make a judgement of their ability based on their age.  That is not the correct way to go about determining how competent or capable a person is.  There are plenty examples of older, senior, officers who are still vastly most capable that any younger officer and the opposite is also true.  Using labels such as boomer, zoomer or millennial should be done at your discretion and seldom negatively.  Let a persons actions determine the label you give them, not their age.

Gunshot Wound Deaths

Over at documentingreality.com a user posted a very detailed write up on gunshot wounds, varying types and various VERY GRAPHIC photos.  That link is NSFW.

EDC Stuff

More Trijicon SRO action, this time with a much earned John Wick coin (in silver), a silver sword psalms and proverbs pocket booklet, turned to the matching SRO 1COR4:5.  That's a Schultzbladeworks Crane's Beak on the left, and a Lumtec M80 on vintage calf strap on the right.  Slide is a Thompson_Leh G19 duty grade with Ameriglo MOS night sights.

Amtacshooting on Recoil Web

Recoil Web featured Bill Rapier of amtacshooting.com talking about his circle of awareness process.  Video is below, it autoplays on mute, make sure to check it out, as well as, his upcoming 2020 training schedule.  Bill is, essentially, the top instructor in the industry today and you should train with him before his classes consistently sell out and become unobtainium (which is already happening). 

In the video Bill is wearing a one of V Development Group's Svefnthorn Shirts which is derived from northmanblades Svefnthorn, also check out northman's IG page.

Trijicon SRO - Preuse impressions

The Trijicon SRO came out earlier this year and I have been looking to pick up a 1moa version, which has proven to be very difficult to source.  I have, however, found one and will be doing some testing with it, against its older, smaller counterpart the RMR and against its number one competitor the Aimpoint ACRO.

Trijicon SRO

Trijicon SRO preuse impressions coming tomorrow.  This is a 1moa version which I wanted to get before I did any work with it.  Slide is from Thompson_Leh and it'll have a Striker Control Device (SCD) on it (as every glock should).

Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100

Got this new Casio GA-2100, I think the internets are calling it the "G-Oak" or something along those lines.  It is the first Casio I have ever purchased and worn, I can tell you that I am pretty happy with it.  This is the blacked out version, there is an all red version and a white markers version.  Its a new to market release so you can only buy it directly from japan (which mean it costs a little more but is probably better craftsmanship and quality than others put together elsewhere.

Lots of guns per second

video below: