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Muzzle Pad

This new muzzle pad is essentially, the best development since the regular neoprene wedges which V Development Group sold for several years.  This is the logical progression of this type of item and this particular Muzzle Pad is extremely comfortable and offers many benefits.  If you carry AIWB you should have one.  In the photo is a Seraph Glock 43 Holster (which the 48 will fit) which comes standard with a Darkwing and MOD4 Discreet Carry Universal clips with extra clamping pressure.


In case you missed my posts on IG, I got an Aimpoint ACRO and will be doing a feature analysis soon.  It will sit on a Unity Tactical ATOM mount on a Gen3 Glock 17 lower, which has an Overwatch precision flat blue line trigger and a Nightstick Lights 850, these are way better than streamlight.

Ameriglo UC Sights

I get asked all the time what sights I recommend and Ameriglo Glock sights are always my go to.  These are the UC sights on my 48.  They are awesome.

The Man Behind the Gun, the Eugene Stoner Stories.

Decent video of some of the development of an iconic rifle and the man behind it.

Stuff Dad Wants

As a dad myself, I know that father's day is every single day, and that whenever I am asked what I want for father's day, I just supplement it with things that I wanted to buy all along.  One of those items is the Columbia Rapid Rivers short sleeve button down shirt.  I've had one for about two years now and I am very happy with it during the warm/summer months.  It is very breathable and drys quickly if wet.  

Aimpoint ACRO

Got this Aimpoint ACRO in, will be making a more detailed post when I get a chance to do so.  I am going to run it on a Unity Tactical ATOM mount for testing purposes and see how well it works.

Mental Prep For Self Defense - LDN interview with Tom Givens

Tom Givens did an interview with Legal Defense Network, about Mental Preparation for Self Defense.  Solid interview, lots of good points.  Tom Given's mental preparedness portion of his classes is very much on point with what I have been preaching for years, only in a different way.  Check out my AAR of his RangerMaster course I did, and find a local class to you to take from him, he is very good at transferring concepts.

New Muzzle Pad

If you didn't know, there is a new-to-market muzzle pad which is going to become (if it hasn't already) the new industry standard for AIWB setups.  These are slightly softer than the neoprene material used previously.  This pad can be used with any pistol, without a full size light.  From full frame to subcompact, I've tested it and it works extremely well.  The most pressure it adds the more the meat of it needs to be dropped further towards the muzzle.  The previous concepts of the wedge placement are thrown out the window with this one.  If you have a wedge which is ending it's life, I'd highly recommend getting one of these.  The life expectancy is better overall for it, I'd put it at about 1.5x the life of the neoprene wedges and comfort is definitely increased, in my opinion. 

Rucker's Cap

The V Development Group Rucker's Cap is available for purchase now.  It's pretty damn cool if I say so myself, I mean, I did develop it after all.  Soft mesh sides that are highly breathable, "murdered out" as the kids like to say now a days, and 5 panel so there's no button at the top to bug you when you're using earpro.  Get one asap as they are a limited run!  BTW, if you just so happen to purchase a bag of their New Dawn Roast whole bean coffee you'll see that you get another bag for free.  That's right, free.  Two bags.  

The Northman - Plain Edge

The amtacblades.com Northman in plain edge is the newest iteration of the Northman series.  It's a good, solid, EDC capable blade.  This one is sterile.

Two new awesome shirts

V Development Group just dropped two new awesome shirts.  First being the above T-Rex Berserker, and the below An Appeal To Heaven:

Check them out!

Cool is not always right - Anaheim, CA

Two officers respond to a call for an emotionally disturbed person (EDP) who is armed with a "gun and knife" inside a white S10, being high, and threatening his family.  The responding officers, both fairly new, one on probation, see the subject vehicle and immediately attempt to stop this vehicle.

Green Tips

Green tips have been around for a long time, but they are no less effective.  D60 full of them, now that's a problem.

Northman IWB Sheath!

The Amtacblades.com Northman IWB sheath is now available.  It's got some new features that I'll be posting about soon.  For now go get one if you have a Northman blade.  It is literally a must have.

Spinnaker Croft

Spinnaker Croft diver on metal bracelet.  Pretty cheap for what it is and has a lot of cool features for a cheap EDC beater watch.  

EarPro Plus

Not all earpro are created equal and after using these MSA Sordin Supreme-X's with the Noisefighter Gel upgrades, and the new Qore Performance Ventilated headband, I can say I am pretty impressed.  Comfortable, cool in hot weather, and a definite upgrade to out of the box earpro.  

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Think about the amount of time you spend sitting around and being pseudo productive, sometimes giving yourself a false sense accomplishment.  How often does that happen?  It is often said that you must do a task, or train a skill for thirty days to make it a habit, yet instead of training ourselves to do productive things we train ourselves to sit and watch TV, or worse, eat while watching TV.  We do this consistently and at our very detriment.  It is one thing to spend two or three hours a week watching TV in total, it is something completely different to spend that same time on developing applicable skill sets.  Reading a book on mindset, dieting, accounting, child rearing, etc is exponentially more productive in the long term than that TV show you just binged on.  Spending time exercising compound movements is an extremely good way of developing muscle and overall fitness, yet we do not apply the same fundamental concepts to developing our skill sets or mental fortitude.  Why not?  Can you listen to a podcast on an informative topic while exercising?  Watch a documentary about a particularly difficult topic while doing burpees in your living room?  This isn't multitasking, which would be a divided attention task, this is focusing on a particular task while passively intaking another skill concept.  You can, and should, work your body and mind at the same time.  You want to listen to music while running or exercising? Great, you are actually losing precious time applying yourself to learning something while you are working out.  Try it.  This greatly applies to driving distances as you should be listening to audio books on topics you want to learn more about.  This should be a standard for you whenever you drive, listen to an informative podcast, listen to an audio book, listen to something which gives you dual productivity and allows for cultivation of a mental skill set which you would otherwise require direct or "deep thought" type attention to obtain.