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AmtacBlades Northman

Amtacblades.com pocket and IWB fire-sheaths, both featuring Discreet Carry Concepts Clips.  This is, arguably, the best blade and sheath combination on the market for EDC application. 

Mini-E-Med Gen 2 from ICC

Immediate Casualty Care sent me this Min-E-Med Gen2 pocket kit which has a few features which I wanted in a pocket medical kit that I have not seen recently.  First and foremost, it has a wide and dense pull tab made out of thick scuba webbing.  This allows for a decent purchase one handed for a "rip" type of extraction from your pocket.  I carry this particular one in a cargo pocket most times but it fits in any pocket because of it's size. 

The RMT is folded abnd easily fits inside of it with the pull tab of the RMT exposed.  Training has shown that a one handed removal of the Min-E-Med is very easy, either hand, and once out you can either put the RMT pull tab in your mouth or put the pull tab of the Min-E-Med in your mouth and deploy that way.  Either way is easy and quick for one handed application. 

For this photo there are two sets of nitrile gloves in the left pocket, for EDC carry a Wound Clot Hemostatic sits in the other pocket folded.  This works pretty well and the minimalist approach to this type of EDC application is good enough for me to adopt it for carry.  I will do a full review in a few months.

New Flat Muzzle Pad

There is a new designed Flat Muzzle Pad available as of this post over at V Development Group.  It is a newer material which is a complete upgrade from the previous flat neoprene wedges which had a fixed use life, these are a lighter, thinner and more dense material which has been specifically chosen to provide the best current application for the end user.

The Rat Blade

The Headhunterblades.com Rat Blades, original grip and newer grip version.  One of the most prolific EDC concealed blades on the market.  I will be dropping a review of the Rat blade soon.  Stay tuned.

De-escalation Does Not Work

Please watch the above video before you continue watch it from start to finish and then continue.

The above video depicts Athens Clarke County Police Department (ACCPD) officers responding to several calls for a person armed with a knife.  When they arrived they found that a 23 year old male was emotionally distressed while armed with a knife.  All attempts at de-escalation were unsuccessful and the contact officer resorted to deadly force which was not immediately successful.  The EDP (emotionally disturbed person) got up and attacked the contact officer, putting him in a headlock, beginning to choke him and then attempted to go for the officer's duty pistol, at which time the backup officer, which I have read to be a rookie officer who has been involved in a previous OIS (officer involved shooting) which he was cleared from.  The confrontation ends with the rookie officer taking several shots at the EDP resolving the situation.  

The Dexter

The Schultzbladeworks Dexter, is an ergo small frame blade and developed for forward grip application.  Ill be doing a feature analysis on it soon.

Also pictured is an ATOM mount from Unity Tactical in a Glock 17, a nightstick lights 850XL and an overwatch precision flat blue line trigger.  Don't miss the taudevgroup.com SCD.

MOD V Clip - The Professional's Clip

I've been working for a while to get this clip made, above is the prototype of this clip Discreet Carry Concepts created for me to a specific design requirement.  I've been using the above clip for well over 6 months, just a single clip on my Seraph AIWB holster.  It moves a bit, but it's supposed to, this adds in overall comfort and has zero signature on my belt line.  Most of all, I never snag my fingers or hand during the draw.  This clip is designed for the professional end user who wants the best possible equipment available to further the mission.  Check it out at V Development Group

Streamlight Protac HL USB

According to Streamlights description: "Streamlight’s ProTac is a high lumen tactical light that is USB rechargeable, so it can be charged on-the-go using almost any USB source. It also accepts multiple battery sources to use as a back-up. A multi-function, push-button tail-switch facilitates one-handed operation." It is one of the very first USB rechargeable EDC flashlights which Streamlight has come out with back in 2016.  I have been using Streamlight Stingers on duty and they are rechargeable also, but via car charger or wall charger.  This Protac USB has a micro-usb cord to charge from any standard USB port.  I purchased this Protac USB off of Amazon for around $85 when it first came out in 10/16.

Polish that Badge

Two days ago, rookie officer Tara O'Sullivan, laid dying in a backyard during a domestic disturbance call, the other officers could not get to her because there was a barricaded subject with a rifle who had shot her and was keeping other officers from getting to her.  As of this article, it is not clear if she was killed immediately by rifle fire or if she died at the hospital later on.  All reports that were searched in research for this article say that she died at the hospital after being transported.  Officer O'Sullivan laid in the backyard for 30 minutes before a swat armored vehicle could come by and provide cover for her extraction.  During those 30 minutes, it is not immediately clear what the officers on scene did or did not do, but we know that for those 30 minutes officer O'Sullivan laid alone, and mortally wounded.

Get some training

If you have not had a chance to train with Bill Rapier of amtacshooting.com do yourself a favor and check out his upcoming classes.  Every year he has classes all over the US and you should make it a point to get in one.  This is a photo of Bill during one of his training days, doing some heavy lifting, hiking, and sporting one of V Development Group's Rucker's Caps.  

Modlite OKW

I've been running the Modlite OKW for a bit now, and it's super bright.  Blinding dudes is the way to go.  It's on an Arisaka Defense inline MLOKE mount and one of their momentary on switches.  Chase Tactical PC in the background, Cole-tac cover on a Gemtech G5t. Megiddo 3 slot MLOK panels on there also! These are awesome.

Muzzle Pad

This new muzzle pad is essentially, the best development since the regular neoprene wedges which V Development Group sold for several years.  This is the logical progression of this type of item and this particular Muzzle Pad is extremely comfortable and offers many benefits.  If you carry AIWB you should have one.  In the photo is a Seraph Glock 43 Holster (which the 48 will fit) which comes standard with a Darkwing and MOD4 Discreet Carry Universal clips with extra clamping pressure.


In case you missed my posts on IG, I got an Aimpoint ACRO and will be doing a feature analysis soon.  It will sit on a Unity Tactical ATOM mount on a Gen3 Glock 17 lower, which has an Overwatch precision flat blue line trigger and a Nightstick Lights 850, these are way better than streamlight.

Ameriglo UC Sights

I get asked all the time what sights I recommend and Ameriglo Glock sights are always my go to.  These are the UC sights on my 48.  They are awesome.

The Man Behind the Gun, the Eugene Stoner Stories.

Decent video of some of the development of an iconic rifle and the man behind it.

Stuff Dad Wants

As a dad myself, I know that father's day is every single day, and that whenever I am asked what I want for father's day, I just supplement it with things that I wanted to buy all along.  One of those items is the Columbia Rapid Rivers short sleeve button down shirt.  I've had one for about two years now and I am very happy with it during the warm/summer months.  It is very breathable and drys quickly if wet.