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Blauer CLASH LT 6" Boot

According to the Blauer product site, "Weighing in at just 18 oz., Clash LT was built for speed and mobility, while still providing superior support and durability for the most rugged terrain.  Offered in both black and coyote tan, this tactical boot is constructed with mixed suede and mesh backed by a premium perforated foam construction to provide the utmost breathability in high temperatures. Our Integrated BOA® lacing system allows for donning and doffing in seconds while maintaining an even laced fit for added support and comfort.  Integrated ESS shank gives you stabilization, while our compression molded EVA midsole provides long lasting shock absorption and rebound.  Hybrid traction outsole is designed for grip on and off the road." Blauer sent me these boots for testing and evaluation purposes, they would cost in the area of $140 depending on where you purchase them from.  I received these boots in May of 2016 and wore them until around September of 2018.

Cheap Bino Setup

While I am still working on vetting this particular setup, I can tell you that based on my short 40 or so hours of use with two P-14's (available from saltcityguncompany.com) on a Mod armory lightweight bridge, attached to a Wilcox G24, on a Revision Military ballistic helmet that these are pretty damn good for the price.  If you are interested check them out, they were nice enough to give me a discount code VDMSR, for $50 off a unit and if you use my code they will pair up units in terms of quality so you don't get varying quality in two units.  I've been using this Modlite IR head on their 18650 body and tailcap, which I am very happy with.  As I gain more experience I will continue to post, expect a decent sized twice up with more photos and videos as I go. 

Sunday Evening Thoughts

While I have posted about this topic before I wanted to touch on it again, and I want to a line from Dr. Jordan Peterson because he explains it very well in this 10 minute video, you can get the gist from the first 3 or so minutes if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.

What does this mean to you reading this?  Do not let mere words offend you and understand that the person you are speaking to may be more knowledgeable than you on a specific topic.  Do not go project, assume, interject or infer bias or personal inflection in what you read, or what you hear from a person you may not know about a particular topic.  If someone is taking the time to explain something to you, sit there and accept it.  Do not wait for your turn to talk, for your turn to respond, for your turn to show off your personal (google) knowledge.  If you have nothing to add be content with that fact and accept it, as it makes for a much better, and much more honest, conversation about a topic you may not know anything tangible about.  Accept that you may not have anything to add and that your personal opinion is completely worthless, also that everything you have to say on this particular topic may be stupid.  Be honest with yourself, with your experience and your own ego.  Stroking your ego is not going to make more experienced or somehow more desirable as a person to speak to about a particular topic.

Whenever reading anything posted online, understand that unless you have direct personal experience with this person, and understand their mannerisms, then you will be injecting your personal bias and inflection into those typed words.  They are words after all, written without a single bit of inflection and as such you should not add any as you are tainting the concepts inappropriately.  Do not let yourself have an emotional reaction to something which has, by definition, zero emotional content.  Do not let mere words hurt you, because that's really weak, and you should strive not to be really weak.

Whenever you come across someone who makes statements about a topic you may be familiar with and those statements induce an emotional reaction in you, take a moment and think.  Are they  challenging everything you've heard or seen on a specific topic because they are trying to upset you specifically, are you taking it personally then? Likely they are just speaking from personal experience, maybe they are lying through their teeth.  The fact remains that you should understand that it may very well be true and that what you know may not have been founded in reality, in logic.  Think about the various circumstances where that could occur and how it could easily be misunderstood by you if you allowed your emotional reaction to take control, blinding you to the facts of the conversation.

Do not allow yourself to be pushed in the wrong direction through emotional responses.  Take a moment, think logically about the information and understand that there is a good possibility that you are being given information you'd likely never received without being challenged and that being offended is the wrong response.

Mid August Internet Finds

Apparently NASA had designed, and issued this Astronaut M1 Knife.  I didn't even know this existed, but it does and now there's a 50th anniversary version available. 

P-14 Gen2+ Monocular Unit

I am working on a few new things, one of which is evaluating this PRG P-14 Gen2+ monocular unit.  Which can be purchased at www.saltcityguncompany.com for about $1000.  It uses some proprietary parts which cannot be installed (easily) to this unit from a traditional PVS14 unit.  As of this posting I have about 40 hours of total use, have not replaced the battery yet.  I'll get more into it as I get more experience with this unit but I can easily say that for practical application from hunting, LE-specific use (personally owned unit, not department issued), or just general night time goonery, I'd say this will easily be good to go. 

Check out this semi-review of this unit, I will not be doing a video of this kind but will definitely be doing an in depth review as I gain more experience with it.

If you are interested in this unit, use code VDMSR at checkout and get $50 off, per unit.

Modlite IR Rifle Light

I am a big fan of Modlite, and their IR 18650 light is awesome.  It has the same beam as their OKW which is really good and works really well for various applications.  You should definitely look into it if you are looking for an IR light.

DCC Short Wing Extra Clamping Force Clips

These are the new version MOD 4 1.75" Universal *Short Wing* Extra Clamping Force which are only available at V Development Group with the extra clamping force feature.  As you can see by the photos these have a shorter wing which will help mitigate your fingers getting caught during the draw stroke.

The S.A.S. in the Nairobi Terror Attack | January 2019

Check out this video of the breakdown of the S.A.S. operator's actions in Nairobi

Sunday Evening Thoughts

While the media coverage both the Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX active-killer events, there are families who are planning funerals, there are LEO's who are placed on admin leave post OIS (officer involved shooting), and there are plenty of pundits, politicians and know-nothings who are on the networks giving their unqualified opinion on these two shootings.  The question we keep hearing, and some keep asking is, "how can we stop this?"  What if I told you that there is no way to stop it.  What if I told you that humans have been killing each other since the first homo-sapiens evolved from homo-erectus, and even before that.  Multiples of people being killed from one event is not something which is new or something which needs laws to stop, it is already illegal to murder someone else unlawfully, what new law is going to stop another active-killer event from happened? None.  Zero.  No new laws will, ever.

There are a several variations of this quote, "to ignore evil to become accomplice to it" - MLK, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." - Einstein, and several others.  The point is that the only way these types of events continue to occur in frequency is if those committing them believe there will be no resistance or possibility of immediate consequences in the form of a two way range. Back in 2014 I wrote an article called "Get In The Fight" and most of the points are still directly applicable, I just wanted to touch on a few others concepts here.

There will be evil people, and as such there will be good people.  You can think of it as any yin yang type of comparison, but there will be both, and you can rest assured of that.  Your goal, if you so choose to seek it, should be to be a good person, who takes active part in their safety and welfare.  You should take active responsibility for your local community, your family and your tribe as you see the need arise.  If that means buying an extra tourniquet, or carrying more hemostatic gauze, then so be it.  Once you choose to be a responsible armed citizen you no longer have the ability to be ignorant of those outside your circle, you have a duty to yourself and your honor, first and foremost, after all.

The majority of people are in the middle, they could be good or evil, they don't know because a situation hasn't given them the need to test their ethics yet, but if you are reading this post, and you frequent this site, you are probably one of those types of people who take training seriously and want to do good things to keep people safe.  As such you need to act accordingly.  There is no "off day" or reduced carry type situation, you should always be carrying your tools and accept the responsibility which you have the ability to effect if the situation arises.  You should make this part of your way of life.  El Paso, Dayton, and numerous others are just names of cities and places which could easily have been your city, your area, which directly effect you.  Carry your tools, train effectively, sharpen your mind, be vigilant and stay ready.

Two quick LE UOF lessons

Do not stand opposing to a doorway with another officer.  Stack on a side, preferably whichever gives you the best angle.  L-Shape the door if feasible and possible, do not do this.  The officer in the khakis took two rounds (or at the very least one round) in the shoulder.  This is a type of thing which should be practiced whenever possible and explained to fresh boots.

This is just upsetting to watch.  Overweight female officer loses her taser when addict dude takes.  No one bats an eye and just keeps doing what they are doing - FYI if he tried to use it on an officer he should have been immediately shot.  Second overweight female officer shows up and drive-stuns him, okay that's sorta working and it's not.  Two male officers basically did nothing other than to hold onto him and hope he would go down.  Basic BJJ skills would have helped resolve this situation in about 5 seconds.  

LE OIS Study on Race

PoliceOne.com posted an article about a study, titled Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings.  The findings were not of any surprise to me, or would be to any in the LE field knows what's going on in that profession (and is honest about it). 

First and foremost, police departments don't follow federal reporting guidelines, not just for reporting officer involved shooting information, but many of the federal reporting guidelines are disregarded.  This isn't new and is to be completely expected as most top brass aren't officers anymore they are political animals and they change department statistics at whim to fit their view and overall agenda.

Officers have higher numbers of OIS (officer involved shootings) in higher crime areas and of the main demographic of that particular area.  So urban areas where the majority of people are Hispanic, the number of OIS will be highest of the highest crime-producing demographic. 

The study showed that officers are more likely to shooting someone of their own race over others.  Black officers and Hispanic officers are 3.x times more likely to shoot black or Hispanic persons, respectively, than white officers shoot black or Hispanic persons. 

The core take away is that the places in the US where violent crime is highest, in a particular demographic group, that violent demographic group will be shot the most. 

This is not an exhaustive study and it only covers under one thousand OIS of 600+ different PDs from all over the US. Extrapolation shows that race has never been a factor and will never be a factor.  It turns out those who are violent criminals get shot more often but LEOs than any other type of criminal and that is specifically related to the crime and NOT the demographic. 

Again, it may seem redundant to point out, but this absolutely to be expected and has been exactly the same for decades in most of the US.  It will only continue to proven more concisely once the PDs are forced to follow better reporting protocols. 

Excellent Post Incident Care

This an excellent example of post OIS, on scene, care by a clearly prepared LEO.  He is looking for wounds, stopping the bleed where he sees it, threw on a chest seal and was looking for more exit wounds before the ambulance arrived.  Realistically, the best possible course of action would have been to transport the subject to the hospital themselves.  I know many PD's do not do it, but if you have a level 1 trauma ER close to you, getting there lights and sirens is probably the only way you will actually save a person's life after they've been shot.  Would highly recommend going over your PD's policies and consider the right court of action which needs to be taken in any situation.  If this was a shot LEO would you have sat there and done medical stuff?   No.  You would have transported running code.  It should be no different to the general public.

One thing I want to point out is, LEO waited to strip the male of clothing, that should be immediate after finding the easy entrance/exit wounds.

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

On this day, in 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took the first human steps on The Moon.  This was the result of a space race which, at times, appeared difficult and deadly, but in contrast was what set the US apart from the rest of the other nations, namely Soviet Russia.  NASA sent three men to the moon and back on less computing technology than was in last years low grade iPhone, there were some documentaries online which quote some of the astronauts and NASA scientists as saying they had a 50/50 chance of survival.  This is essentially how the American way of life is lived, and will continue to always be lived, on the edge of development and exceptionalism. 

AmtacBlades Northman

Amtacblades.com pocket and IWB fire-sheaths, both featuring Discreet Carry Concepts Clips.  This is, arguably, the best blade and sheath combination on the market for EDC application. 

Mini-E-Med Gen 2 from ICC

Immediate Casualty Care sent me this Min-E-Med Gen2 pocket kit which has a few features which I wanted in a pocket medical kit that I have not seen recently.  First and foremost, it has a wide and dense pull tab made out of thick scuba webbing.  This allows for a decent purchase one handed for a "rip" type of extraction from your pocket.  I carry this particular one in a cargo pocket most times but it fits in any pocket because of it's size. 

The RMT is folded abnd easily fits inside of it with the pull tab of the RMT exposed.  Training has shown that a one handed removal of the Min-E-Med is very easy, either hand, and once out you can either put the RMT pull tab in your mouth or put the pull tab of the Min-E-Med in your mouth and deploy that way.  Either way is easy and quick for one handed application. 

For this photo there are two sets of nitrile gloves in the left pocket, for EDC carry a Wound Clot Hemostatic sits in the other pocket folded.  This works pretty well and the minimalist approach to this type of EDC application is good enough for me to adopt it for carry.  I will do a full review in a few months.

New Flat Muzzle Pad

There is a new designed Flat Muzzle Pad available as of this post over at V Development Group.  It is a newer material which is a complete upgrade from the previous flat neoprene wedges which had a fixed use life, these are a lighter, thinner and more dense material which has been specifically chosen to provide the best current application for the end user.