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Black Rifle Accessories

If you are in the market for AR15 accessories (which you undoubtedly are) you should definitely check out Arisaka Defense.  Their MLOK finger stop and inline flashlight mounts are pretty damn good to go.  This one has a Modlite OKW 18650 setup and it works really well.  The rail is from bootleg inc, their MLOK rail is light and works well.  Barrel is a Rainier Arms Ultramatch 2 shorty.

Purpose Built

V Development Group Seraph which fits the 43/48, which has industry exclusive MOD4 "short wing" extra clamping force clips, a DarkWing and a large muzzle pad.  Glock 48 has Ameriglo iron sights and an SCD from Taudevgroup.comModlite handheld with OKW head.  Headhunterblades.com Dirty blade with custom @northmanblades handle.  Otterbox case on the phone.


The schultzbladeworks.com Fledgling is a small version of the Crane's Beak, which is designed around a three finger grip from a pocket draw.  SKD Pig Gloves in multicam, since everyone needs gloves and the SKD Pig Gloves are the best in the business.

The Seraph Duty Grade Holster

In this industry there are a million different holsters, and I have tried most of them at one point or another, including the top tier versions and the low effort versions.  When I set out to design a duty grade holster the finished product was this Seraph AIWB Duty Grade Holster from V Development Group.  This holster features true hide premium kydex material, comes with a DarkWing (an industry standard for AIWB wings), comes with 2x MOD4 DCC "Short Wing" clips with extra clamping force, two premium soft looks and a large muzzle pad.  Aside from these things, the holster itself features an open bottom design for maximum comfort, as well as specific geometry for retention.  The gun "clicks" into place every single time, no matter what.  I have personally worn a Seraph on duty for 16+ hour days, consecutively, without issue.  The rear and front sights are protected from contact, and there is a large amount of mindset considerations which went into the overall design of this holster.  If you are in the market for a "the one" AIWB holster, you'll be very hard pressed to find anything more premium or more rigorously tested to duty grade standards.  Beyond that, the previous generations of the Seraph have all been compatible with any future modifications or attachment upgrades.  So the Seraph I have from several years ago still works perfectly fine and is able to accept all the upgrades. 

Lots of Pew

Bootleg inc MLOK handguard, upper receiver and adjustable bolt carrier (for suppressed use).  Arisaka Defense MLOK fingerstop.  Rainier Arms Ultramatch 2 barrel.  Geissele tall mount for Aimpoint T1/2.  KAC Flask, for when you get thirsty during the boog.  Headhunterblades.com Kryptos Dagger.  Magpul 40 rounder and varying party favors for good measure.

Help an officer in need

Officer Thmpson has been battling cancer for a good period of time and he needs some assistance because his department has been shortstroking him on benefits, care and support.  This is a situation where a good officer is being screwed over by the top brass for simply existing.  Darrel has a gofundme page up, and I can verify it is directly to support his financial issues stemming from his battle with cancer and his departments non-support.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated!

Purpose Built EDC

Not all EDC items are made the same, some are much more applicable to specific circumstances than others.  If you are looking to upgrade your EDC items, these are some of the best (as long as they are legal in your AO).

Modlite Handheld 18650 with OKW head
Headhunterblades.com Dirty Blade with custom NorthmanBlades Handle
1.5" RMT Tourniquet (TCCC approved) - The best TQ on the market in my opinion
Brass Knuckles

Arisaka Defense Offset Optic (RMR) Mount

Arisaka Defense crushes it again with their Offset Optic Mount.  I threw a 1 MOA RM09 RMR on it.  Very fast to pick up target up close.  I'll be doing an initial impressions write up about it shortly.

Go Big

Go big or go home.  Clockwise: P14 bino setup from saltcityguncompany.com, Modlite IR 18650 on Arisaka Defense inline MLOK mount and fingerstop, on a bootleg inc handguard.  Kryptos Dagger from headhunterblades.comTL Gen3 slide with Trijicon SRO and Ameriglo MOS sights, SCD from Taudevgroup.com and 850XL from nightsticklightsMSA Sordin Supreme PRO-X with noisefighter earpro gel upgrades (these are awesome)

Spinnaker Croft

I've been wearing this Spinnaker Croft on bracelet for a few months now.  It's a decently priced diver with an automatic movement (you have to wear it to wind it or it stops).  Feels decent on the wrist, will be doing a review eventually of it.  Not bad for the price, on amazon for quick shipping.  Old school AR15 magazine and pineapple for aesthetic.

Amtacshooting.com 2020 Course Schedule

If you have not yet made up your mind on with whom to train with for the 2020 calendar year, check out amtacshooting.com course schedule.  He's got a TON of awesome, and new, classes up and you should definitely consider training with Bill Rapier.  His Modern Minuteman course is essentially the must-do course of the year.  It covers so many need to know things, you'd be surprised what you don't know you should know.  Check it out.

Vortex Razor HD GEN III 1-10x24

Vortex is slated to release the Razor GenIII 1-10x24.  Guess we will how good Vortex variable power game is.  I am hopeful that it'll be better than the NX8 and in the ATACR arena, as it'll be similar price.  

Happy Holidays

As usual, this time of the year is extremely busy for everyone, especially those of us who have to work through the holiday week(s).  I'll be posting another end of year thoughts.  If you missed my 2017 end of year thoughts - "Do not be a Pedestrian" make sure you check it out.  Even though it was written two years ago, it is extremely applicable today, and likely will stay applicable.  As always, have a safe holiday season.

Bill Rapier on Surefire Field Notes

Bill goes over one handed draw stroke, framing and applicable mindset.

Miami Dade UPS armed hijacker shooting incident

If you have not seen this yet, it's been all over the internet, all the crazy anti-LE people are coming out in droves and putting their foot in their mouths.  Right now, the news is reporting (link autoplays a video with sound) that 4 are dead after a daytime jewelry store robbery and carjacking of a UPS truck and the kidnapping of its driver who was killed in a subsequent daytime freeway during traffic shootout.  The issue people are pointing out is that the officers used civilian's cars as temporary cover and that was extremely bad.  It may have been, but it is too soon to tell as its an ongoing investigation which requires more time to develop and for forensics to come back from the deceased and shot.  One innocent bystander was shot and killed, there is also a ton of video.  I'm going to try to post as much video as I can here, although its difficult to find and its getting zucked almost as fast as it's being uploaded.  Once there is more info available and more reports come back I will sit down and hammer out an educated LE opinion article on it.

Sunday Evening Thoughts

If you've been tracking on this situation in NY, you know that there has been a yuge amount of activity on social media because of it.  Thankfully there are two serious lessons to be learned directly from this situation, which most people have learned early on in life but for those who need a refresher, I'l spell it out.

Blauer Crush Boot - Initial Impression

Blauer sent me these Crush Boots and having worn them for about a week, I can say I am pretty happy with them overall.  When I first got them I posted on my Instragram page @vdmsr a bunch of photos and wanted to follow up with a more detailed initial impression post.  From the above photo you can see that they very much look like a modern "sneaker" type duty boot or mid-height cross-training type shoe.  If you read my review of the heavily used Salomon XA Pro Mid GTX duty boots, you'll know I really like mid-height boots for duty work.  Most PD's have a requirement that the boots be black for duty and toe be to hold a polish.  While I respect that requirement these are specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the daily grind of police street work.  You can see that there is molded rubber on the front, sides and rear heel area.  That makes for easy clean up if they get dirty, you just hose them down and that'll take care of it.  Another good aspect of them is that they are very breathable, definitely not a cold-weather winter boot as they aren't insulated, but good for 40+ degree days at the lowest.

Guardian Angel Device and friends

I posted about the Guardian Angel Device before, threw it into some more photos with friends.  Headhunterblades.com Dirty Blade, Nightstick Lights USB-558XL, ThompsonLeh G19 Slide with Trijicon SRO and Nightstick Lights TCM-550XL.

If you're going to purchase a GA device please use code 236CLIP for a free clip and free shipping!