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Arisaka Offset Optic Mount - Adjustable Angle Offset Red Dot Mount

Arisaka Defense sent me this rifle mounted offset optic mount for the RMR/SRO.  I went through the installation process and the mount is pretty robust, I want to give an overview of the mount in this post.  This mount came with a number 2 plate for the RMR but they made various plates that fit Aimpoint T1/2's, C-More's, Delta Points and even the ACRO.  In case you are wondering about the t-handle screwdriver, it's a Felo 1/4 t-handle hex bit (I get emails whenever I don't mention the tools).

In the package, you get the offset mount, screws and bits to use, so you don't have to find your own.

The plate comes in its own packaging.

There's an extension piece you can use if you want to, you get both sets of screws for different sizes.  I chose to use it.

Note the extra screws of different size.


Single large hex screw to tighten it against the rail.

Plenty of clearance.

Decent offset.

Good positioning.

As I work more with it I'll post my experience.  I know you can you co-witness with offset iron suits, I didn't check to see if they worked with any of mine yet.  I will later on.  As of now, this offset optic mount is very well thought out and easy to install.  As always, I use a little dab of purple loctite on every screw, I know some recommend red, but I want to be able to take it off.  I just make sure I give it a little torque without trying to break the screws obviously.  If you are in the market for an offset RMR/SRO mount for an AR15 platform, this is definitely the mount you want to buy.  Arisaka Defense crushes the field as always.