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Guardian Angel Devices - Initial Use Impressions

In August I started seeing these Guard Angel Devices start popping up around various places.  I work at night a lot and doing vehicle investigations street side is hazardous work, so on person lighting options other than flashlight are really interesting to me.  I reached out to them and they sent me a Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light.  I started using it daily while working any after-dark shift.  The immediately awesome thing was that the device has a really strong magnet on the bottom of it.

This magnet connects to various types of clips which are available, the one linked is the one I use.  I just connect to one of my uniform straps and have the device rest in that, of course it is uniform dependent and there are numerous clip options available.

The device itself isn't that big, a bit smaller and thinner than an Altoids can.  It has lights all the way around, 360 degrees and a single large LED light on the top. 

This LED light is pretty bright.  It has a few buttons for types of lights activated and in what direction, it also has a down/frontward white light if needed.

If you put it on your chest or your shoulder you can do paperwork with the light, its not bright enough to use tactically, but it plenty for night time interviews.  I've used it for vehicle stops a few times when I needed to go hands on.

This particular device has red/blue combo lights and white light.  There are different models available which do a bunch of different things for different purposes.  It is not just for LE or first responders, and they do have a few IR models available, which is pretty cool.

The whole device is micro-USB charging and can charge as you go about your shift, taking it off the charger just to use as needed, then slapping it back on the charger.  You could charge it overnight before your shift and have it last for a few days worth of shifts.  The longest I had it last without charges is 3 days if 1-2 hour constant usage each night.

They sent me a code to give out 236CLIP which gives you free shipping a free clip attachment which will work for most uniforms and applications.  I personally found that this device is very good at allowing other officers to find you.  I was conducted an vehicle investigation in a back alley and my police vehicle was around the corner, I gave my location over radio, but it is dark and difficult to see people in this particular alley way.  Once I made contact I held the red GA button for three seconds which activated all the lights at once.  The arriving officers thought I had my police vehicle near by, as one officer told me that the saw the lights as he came into the adjacent alley way and thought he was going to look for a police vehicle with its lights on.  That type of application and in the even of a foot chase or something of that nature, clicking on the light after radioing the chase would allow officers and/or helicopter support to locate you very quickly if they come by the area as all the lights are very bright in the night time.  For the size of this little device I am very surprised how bright it is.  The primary function of this device, in my opinion is to save guard the officer while conducting vehicle stops.  You can turn just the rear red/blue strobe lights on by pressing and holding the "R" (for rear) button and even if you lose your mind and step into the busy roadway people will see the strobing lights and should avoid them, or at least give you an added layer of safety.  That type of use of lights was impossible prior to this device being sold and is a definite game changer for it's application.  One of the possible applications, if you are so inclined to do so or find yourself in such a circumstance, is to turn the strobe mode on and attach the light to the back of a fleeing vehicle if it takes off while you are attempting to investigate the operator.  To turn it off they'd need to stop, get out of the car and then remove it by hand, as the magnet is really strong and will easily stick to a vehicle at higher than normal speed.  Please check it out if you work nights and use my code if you decide to get one!