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Medical Stuff

V Development Group Seraph AIWB Optic cut holster for the G17 (this is the first gen material version, new version available now) with their #motherofallwedges Large Wedge Kit, which is essential for any large frame AIWB carried pistol.  That's a G19L with an Atom mounted Aimpoint T1 which can be carried in this particular setup with ease and comfort.  XGauze is an excellent junction bleed control gauze.  The Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT) is an excellent training tool and designed for effective application in the real world.  The neon colored Pediatric RMT is an absolute must have for anyone with small children or animals.  Adult TQ's are not applicable on children, so a specialized TQ must exist for this purpose, this Pediatric RMT is fantastic for this reason and no parent should be without one.  The Fast Breathe Thoracic Seal (FTS) is a small/more compact chest seal that has high temperature tolerances and has a valve which allows people with chest injuries to breath normally fighting against tension pneumothorax.  WoundClot is a newer generation hemostatic that does not require packing a wound (though it can be just as effective as some of the older hemostatics), simply putting the gauze on top of the bleed will stop it.  Medical Shears are also important to have with you, as a knife is not designed to properly cut through clothing and may lead to additional injury.