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Run. Hide. Tell. Die.

Unless you have been living under a rock or camping in the woods with no cell service, then you heard of yesterday's London Bridge terrorist attack.  Some terrorists decided that it would be a good idea to drive a van into people and then several of them jumped out with large (reportedly 12 inch) steak knives to start stabbing people.  Eight minutes later UK Armed LEO's arrived and made the local lawns extremely healthy.  Shortly thereafter, while the confusion was still in the air, the official @metpoliceuk - Metropolitan Police twitter account posted this:

That should pretty familiar because it closely resembles some of the US based active-shooter/killer training many universities, schools and corporate places have accepted.

If you follow this site and have read some of the other articles on these topics you will instantly know that the weakness which is deliberately pushed onto the people of the UK, especially London, in yesterday's attacks is exactly the type of weakness which is to blame for this type of terrorism in the first place.  None of the bystanders could have defended themselves and others from being stabbed with a firearm because gun-ownership and is heavily regulated.  Many LEO's in that area still do not carry a firearm, even though there have been numerous incidents which require the use of a firearm to stop.  Like this exact situation which could only be stopped by good guys with guns.  This is something which is completely counter to that which this particular area of the world seems to allow its citizens to do.

This time they had knives, next time they might have AK47's and homicide vests like they did in France.  Next time there might be several groups of terrorists and they might go on a full on homicide spree, like in Mumbai.  Who is going to stop them for those 8 minutes?  Who is going to do something when people are getting killed while everyone waits for the police to show up with the single item which everyone cannot have because of whatever left-leaning agenda policy removed their ability to own it?  Those people are going to Run?  Good luck running from bullets.  They will hide?  What happens when the first few LEO's who showed up expected a knife attack are killed by AK fire like in Paris?  What happens when the terrorists decide they are going to "hide" in the same place a bunch of people decided to hide.  Who are they going to tell? What are they going to tell them?  They will die.  Not all of them, but history will continue to repeat itself over and over until the people in these communities decide that it is time to protect themselves and their community from terrorism, from slaughter, because clearly the government and politicians are not doing anything to stop it.

I was watching FOX News live when this happened, they were airing SKY News live and at one point I observed the above scene live on television.  There was a large group, maybe a hundred or so people who were walking on a sidewalk past a dozen or so uniformed LEOs.  They had their hands over their head.  After a few walked past the reporter asked several of the people why their hands were up and the responses were "it felt like the right thing to do," "no one told us to put our hands up," and "I saw everyone else doing it and I wanted to be safe."  Yep, safe, just follow the sheep in front of you because they know exactly where to Run. Hide. And who to Tell.

This is a perfect situation to use as a mental training and preparedness lesson.  I have posted about the readiness triangle before, and I want to bring it up here because learning from this is extremely important, being ready for these types of events is extremely important.

Not a single person in that entire area was prepared.  None.  No one had a firearm.  No one had a blade they knew how to do anything offensive with, no one had a plan other to Run and Hide.  Which are not plans, they are hopes.  None of them had tourniquets or medical equipment to help those who were stabbed or run over.  Not a single person in that entire area was prepared.  Prepared for something which they knew had a higher-than-average possibility of occurring.  It happened in Germany and France, and terroristic acts have been ramped up recently in the UK, which has had dozens of terrorism related attacks over the last several decades.  So there should have been no legitimate reason for not being prepared.

For those in the US, the issue of preparedness is one of necessity.  Do you need to carry a firearm?  Should you?  Do you need to carry an extra magazine? Should you? Medical kit? TQ? Blade? Go bag? Long gun in your vehicle? More mags?  Have you done the training required for each of those items?  Do you carry them every single day?

You have an ethical duty to yourself and your community to act when these types of situations occur.  If you are there and you have done what you need to in order to be prepared then you should be acting immediately and accurately.  No one in the area of the London Bridge did so yesterday.  Learn from this, make choices to prepare now instead of what the politicians who do not care about you want you to do.  Run. Hide. Tell. Die.