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Sunday Comic!

It is very easy for the general public to either overlook, forget or disregard the fact that the average police officer in the US has to deal with multiple levels of people complaining about things.  The top brass live to complain about everything under the sun, even things that the police officer can not control or even accomplish.  

Nearly every single call is someone complaining about something, especially in certain high crime areas they are complaining about the police to the police for whatever reason.  Most often these complaints come in the form of cursing, degradation and overall unkindness.  Where do they all get it from? The media of course, they complain the longest and the loudest about the police, most of the time without using curse words or violence, but those same people who complain to the police about the police on the street use violence and curse at them, partially because of the media.

A police officer is often times at home and very comfortable inside their police car.  It is the office and place to relax, away from all the complaining.  Except when the radio begins to sing them the song of its people and the officer has to run code to a priority call where, you guessed it, someone will be complaining about something.

So next time you have to call the police, next time you see a police officer or next time you read some lies the media puts out about any particular police officer, remember this and how you would react when every single person you come in contact with on a daily basis complains about something and expects you conjure magic to fix their issues.