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Range Report!

Hit the range last night for a bit, ran some one shot from draw stuff.  I was wearing an American Apparel XL t-shirt and a G-Code Eclipse AIWB, the combo did not work out very well.  The AA shirts are very silky feeling, so getting a positive thumb under them is difficult and the Eclipse, while comfortable, was difficult to keep in the same place all the time, so I was shooting around the 1 second mark, 7 yards, hitting an "A-Zone" on an IPSC target, about average for me, even with the issue of the t-shirt material.

I ended up shooting several 200 Drills and this was the second ten rounds, standing freestyle at 25yards that I shot with my EDC G19 w/ Barsto barrel shooting Fiocchi 115gr with Trijicon HD sights.  Shot this in about 10 seconds, one or so seconds per shot.  Threw the one at the top left, but you don't have to worry about that little guy.  

A video posted by voodoo_man (@voodoo_mann) on

Got my SeekThermal camera out and recorded @infidelwolfe heating up his PWS MK107 with a Gemtech at the end.

Added gun-store bonus, have you ever seen a Sig P220 Elite SAO in 10MM with wood grips?  Yeah, not too shabby.