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DPx HEST/F Triple Black Serrated Edge

According to the DPx website the HEST/F folding pocket is black TiCN PVD coated Niolox blade, has a 6AL4V Ti frame lock, tungsten carbide glass breaker with a hex base and a patented LionSTEEL RotoBlock system, and half G10 grips.

Reason for Purchase 
After I finished carrying the BENCHMADE 5000SBK AUTO PRESIDIO, a little over two years ago, I decided that I would get a different blade, something non-automatic, to carry EDC.  Ever since then I have been carrying the HEST/F blade everyday as a utility, general purpose blade.  Three main selling points over the Presidio, first the HEST/F is not auto, so I can carrying in states I could not carry the Presidio.  The HEST/F has a D2 steel blade over the 154CM blade of the Presidio and the fact you can lock the HEST/F into the fixed position by the turn of a knob.  

First Opinion
You get this nice little key chain-style tool you can use to adjust various tolerances on the blade.  That tool can be used to lock the blade in fixed position, it also doubles as a debris remover.  The blade comes out of the box in immaculate condition and I was, for a split second, considering just leaving it as a show piece, thankfully I enjoy breaking things so I took its shininess as a challenge.  

The carbide glass breaker came out looking rusty, I cleaned it up with a brush and put some Froglube on it and it has not looked rusty since.

The G10 is very grippy felt like a very fine version of stippled kydex, this also means it will attract dirt really easily but is able to be cleaned up easily as well.  

The frame lock blade locking system, is pretty sturdy even for being titanium.  The clip, itself, is very sturdy and shows every sign of  attention to detail.  

In the Field
This blade has been in my pocket for no less than 6 days a week for hours everyday.  I have cut boxes with it, pried doors and locks open with it, cut cables, chopped up steak and open beer bottles.

(Video is from YouTube, all rights and credit goes to the owner/uploader, it depicts a fixed HEST opening a beer bottle, but the blade design is exactly the same)

The blade went everywhere with me and was my go to utility blade of choice.  I did not have to sharpen the blade once yet.  Though it did not come out of the box hair cutting sharp it never really got noticeably duller.

The locking mechanism never skipped a beat.  I never once had it not lock in place or fail to release due to anything short of user error.  Sometimes I did not press the Ti tab out enough to let the blade move freely.  I fixed that by putting some Fireclean around the locking mechanism and the hinge area.  I actually coated the whole blade with it. (like I always do)

Ownership and Usage
I have no complaints or issues with this blade.  It did and still does everything I ever want out of a folding pocket carry knife.  One added feature that I did not discover right away is its wave ability, popular with Emerson folding knives.

(Video is from YouTube, all rights and credit goes to the owner/uploader, it depicts the wave function of the HEST/F)

The knife can be deployed from inside the pocket by pinching with thumb and pointing finger, pulling up and slightly to the front to catch on the front cutout of the top of the blade.  It does not provide a "combat grip" by any standard but allows the blade to be deployed without manual actuation via the two pegs at the base of the blade.  Gives the HEST/F some cool points.

(RAT Blade size comparison to the DPx HEST/F)

Final Thoughts and Recommendations
This is a very good EDC blade that I am very content with.  The little issues I have had with the blade (frame locking mechanism needed slightly lube, as mentioned above) was a non issue for all intents and purposes of the blades function.  I have yet to require the blade to be sharpened, but I may do it just because I like to do preventative maintenance.  Now some may observe the blade steel being D2 steel and automatically believe it will not take a very sharp edge like a softer metal (like the Presidio's 154CM) I can tell you that I had no issues cutting through vehicle seat belts, or other difficult to cut through materials.  I have used this blade as a wedge several times for doors, house and vehicle, as well as a general purpose flat head screwdriver; yes I know, that is just abuse to the blade and I give zero fucks, it is a tool just like anything else I use EDC, but that's a totally different topic for another day.  You can get a DPx HEST/Folding Blade for around $200 off Amazon.  I do not usually see them for sale on the used market, probably because most people who find a good EDC folding blade usually keep it until it breaks, which will not be anytime soon with this blade.

As you can see, I have a very particular EDC setup and the DPx HEST/F is here to stay for sometime.  I highly suggest considering it for your EDC setup.  If the knife is too big for you, the DPx HEAT might be something to look into.  A lot of the features the HEST/F has, but in a slightly smaller model/package.  As far other brands of knives, Emerson and Benchmade are good options for EDC blades, but you will be hard pressed to find all the same features that the DPx folding blades offer.