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PSA: Dawson Adjustable Rear Sights

I purchased a Glock 19, used, that had these sights (red fiber front) on it.  I followed the instructions in reverse to remove the sights.  When I did this occurred:

What the hell happened to it? I have no idea.  The two pieces on the bottom you see are a flat head screw crown that split in half.  The long piece is some sort of pin that is supposed to be lodged inside with pressure, it gets stuck about half way, but I can use my finger to press it all the way in and if I shake the sight, it'll just fall out.  I sent an email to Dawson customer service and I got this in response:

I do sell a service kit for our Glock adjustable sights. Here is the link to it please feel free to order, thanks.
We want to help and we don't want to confuse you with anyone else always include original message text with all replies.

That's awesome, I have to pay more money for a parts kit, to a fix a rear sight that broke without hard use.  Before anyone thinks it was broken before I bought it, the guy I bought it from I trust, and I put about 100 rounds through the gun before I installed the new Defoor Night Sights, and it worked fine.

What is the point here?  I will not do business with a company that refuses to warranty their own product when it is clearly broken because of some sort of defect.  I have had a lot of different Ameriglo sights and even had several break on me from time to time.  Ameriglo exchanged without so much as word, got a replacement within a week.  Dawson?  Nope, buy a kit and maybe it'll fix the defect.  Sorry, you won't be getting any of my money.