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XS Glock Suppressor sights

I was fortunate enough to a set of GL-0004S-6 XS Glock Suppressor Sights to do some work with, these will either go on my G17L or my G17 which will also get a threaded barrel and be my go to for 9mm suppressed work.  

Right out of the box I can tell these are some hefty sights, they weigh more than the Ameriglo sights I have had.  Their install is detailed in the colored book that comes with the package, the rear sight does not install the same way a standard Glock rear sight does.  I actually like the way the XS sights install a lot more than the traditional method, less chance of messing something up.  Below you can see that there are set screws that are tightened once you get the sight in the position you want.

The front sight installs traditionally with a standard Glock set screw.

Best part is that you get everything you need to do the entire job in the kit, something you do not get with other sights.

Stay tuned, as I install them and get some time behind them I will post up more first hand impressions.