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Armed Citizens United


Where We Stand’ Officially Released
December 11, 2013

We have officially released ‘Where We Stand’ as Armed Citizens United. Below is the complete list:

The bar for what constitutes a felony is constantly being lowered and as such a large number of Americans lose their rights each year over petty infractions. ACU believes non-violent felons should have their rights fully restored once their debt to society is paid.

Students and faculty should be able to legally carry firearms on campus, including class.

Gun free zones should be abolished. As we’ve seen time and time again these places become killing fields for the insane where innocent lives are lost because citizens weren’t to be trusted with their right to self defense.

The government shouldn’t have the ability to tax or license a Constitutional right. As such, ACU supports the passage of “Constitutional Carry” laws nationwide.

The federal government rarely, if ever, prosecutes felons for attempting to purchase firearms from gun stores who were stopped through the NICS background check system. The current background check system only serves to impede law abiding citizens from exercising their rights and wastes millions of tax payer dollars.

States should be forced to honor the concealed weapons permits of other states. For states such as Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming that are Constitutional carry states, their citizens should be allowed to carry in all 50 states.

The National Firearms Act is unconstitutional as it places a tax on the rights of American citizens. Much like the poll taxes of the past, the NFA makes it so only the rich and privileged may fully exercise their Constitutional rights and thus should be repealed.

The Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act is unconstitutional and needs to be repealed.

We have nearly as many firearms in the United States as we do citizens yet our schools do not offer firearms safety courses. This must change. ACU believes firearms instruction courses should be made available to all students.

We fully support the right of all Americans to carry their firearm either openly or concealed. We do not believe it is the right of the State to dictate how a firearm must be carried nor do we agree with licensing and taxing that right (CCW license fees).

We believe Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws are vital for law-abiding citizens to defend and protect themselves and their families as they give citizens the legal backing to an inherent right: self-defense. We believe all 50 states should have similar ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in place that allow law-abiding citizens to use lethal force when presented with possible death or severe bodily harm of themselves or their loved ones.

We believe that all gun owners and regular gun users should proactively be standing up for and supporting the 2nd Amendment. If all gun owners and users do not take a stand to protect these rights, they could very will be ‘revoked’ by the American Government (at either the local, state, or Federal level).