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Ameriglo CAP Sights

Installed the Ameriglo CAP Sights on my Gen4 G19 and put a few rounds through it running some speed drills as well as accuracy stuff.  These sights are definitely slightly thicker than what I would like, but still very capable.  If you are not shooting 25 yards all day then these might do good work for you.  At about half the cost of the Trijicon HD they are a pretty good cheap alternative.  I have had Ameriglo sights for a while, the Pro-I dots I have run on my Gen4 G19 and modified Gen3 G17 for a while and they have been excellent.  I also have a set of Ameriglo Kyle Defoor sights on my Gen4 G34, and they are extremely accurate and I highly recommend them for extreme accuracy work.  All of these sights have their specific applications, of course.  I will be doing a review of the Pro-I dots soon, as I have put enough rounds down range with them to adequately review them.

Left to right: Pro-I dot (g17), Defoor (g34), CAP (g19)

Left to right: Pro-I dot (g17), Defoor (g34), CAP (g19)

Close up

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