Jun 22, 2013

Sunday Pix! Modified Glock 17

Got my Glock 17 upper back.  It is cerakoted sniper grey, very difficult to tell its slightly lighter than the OEM Glock black color.  I think this looks good, opinions?

Comparison of the color difference between OEM and the cerakote.

Barrel and slide were both cerakoted same color, added some Ameriglo Pro-I dot sights, which I have been running on my G19 for a while, did not see any reason to change as of yet and I had them sitting around.  The green dot is from the X5L GEN2.

One more so you guys can see the color of the slide.


  1. Who did the cerakote? I think it looks good- subtle.

    1. Buddy of mine did, I think it's excellent work. Do not know if he does it commercially, but if you are interested I can always ask. Email me what you want done.