I had a chance to put some rounds through a gun which had a zeroed MSE AQC-1 on it.
(Large cell phone pix, so be warned)

This is supposed to be a super IDF battle optic/red dot sight.  From what I was told its been fielded by the IDF for about a year and some months, with good results.  Nothing I can confirm personally, just passing on info.  Having fondled the optic this are the pro's and cons from my point of view:

Three reticles, one being a 2MOA dot
4 brightness intensity settings per reticle
Lots of battery options
No tool zero adjustment
Built in quick disconnect for 1913
IR/NV compatible
remote switch compatible
Gyro inside, auto-off (after a few minutes) and on when rifle moves

Three reticles
"Composed reinforced polymer" body - is that a nice way of saying high end plastic?
Looks like Eotech
Very low sitting on quick disconnect (will explain below)
Auto reticle reset on manual off
Bigger than its competitors
$600+ for a red dot
LED mirror blinds you at high ready

Having used Eotechs and Aimpoints (which I prefer) this is a huge, cumbersome, but lightweight RDS.  The three reticles may have you scratching your head, I know I did at first, but if you think about the lowest common denominator of shooters, the three reticles sort of makes sense.  The standard dot with a circle and lines is for CQC or up close and person work.  Pretty big and hard to miss if you need to get an eye on the reticle.  The second reticle is a dot with two horizontal lines next to it.  This is for stabilization of the firearm.  Think about a novice shooter that does not really understand hold over or what tilting a rifle will do to the impact point, the horizontal lines make it easier to level the gun out.  The last being a standard 2MOA dot with 4 intensity settings, this was comparable to the Aimpoint PRO, except with fewer steps in intensity.

My biggest gripe was that mounted on that SBR I had to dip my head down or seat the stock higher in order to find the reticle properly.  It did still co-witness with the from post, but it seemed as though it was showing more of the front post than other RDS.  This is normally fixed with buy a specific height mount for your RDS, Aimpoint or Eotech (yes they make risers for them.  It was annoying and I do not like dipping my head down to acquire the RDS.  Also one thing that was brought up to me by one of the guys at the shop that watched the demo by one of the company spokesmen, was that there is a mirror that reflects the LED inside, right under the glass.  At high ready, if you get light in just right, you get blinded.  I did this once just to see if it would actually blind me and I can definitely see getting blinded by it in bright sunlight.

I was told there are a few different models available and that in the future there will be a built in red laser sight into the body of the AQC-1 which can be actuated with a remote switch, which will light up the laser and turn off the RDS on activation, also one in IR laser as well.  I do not know any price points, just passing the info along.  The only optic I can compare it to is the The Fraser-Volpe Mars Weapon Sight, which has similar construction and features.  I am going to standby and see where this sight goes in terms of product development.  I would personally like to see an all metal construction, some sort of raised quick disconnect or different design body (not an Eotech clone wannabe) and some way to remember the settings when you shut the thing off manually.


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