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You have to carry a tourniquet if you carry a gun.

 tourniquet for law enforcement LE

This occurred in Reno, involving two Reno PD LEO's, a Sgt and an Officer.  The Sgt made contact with several armed males and a shootout ensued.  The Sgt made good hits, but as often occurs in gunfights, was shot himself.  He did not have a tourniquet on his person.  A backup officer armed with a rifle engaged both the armed males and then ran over to the downed Sgt to render aid, he also did not have a tourniquet on his person.  It was several responsible armed citizens came to the rescue.  It is difficult to tell from the video but it was actually a belt that was provided to the down Sgt and applied by one of the citizens.  I initially believed it may have been an RMT, but it was not.

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In 2023 there are absolutely zero excuses for not having a tourniquet on your person.  None.  There have been many great strides in various technological developments that allow various tourniquets to be worn on duty without adding to the already cumbersome duty belt setups most LEO's have to contend with.  

centrifuge NCP-E Plate

If you are a uniformed LEO with a duty holster, get an NCP-E plate from centrifugetraining.  You can attach a bunch of different kydex styled pouches to this plate, and you can, and should, attach a tourniquet pouch to one of these.

RMT, Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet, from V Development Group

You should carry a tourniquet that can be trained with.  Not one that is one-time use, or designed for minimalistic approaches.  Duty Grade is rarely "minimal" in nature, and do you want the bare minimum requirements to be met for a tourniquet or a purpose-built tool that does what it's supposed to, and then some?  Get yourself an RMT, Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet, from V Development Group.  I have written enough content about this tourniquet to help anyone make the right decisions, and this type of situation would have been very easily resolved if either one of the officers had an RMT on their person.

If none of that works out for you, then you should get yourself an ankle kit you can wear underneath your duty pants.  There are several available.  

LVAK: Low Visibility Aid Kit

LVAK: Low Visibility Aid Kit

I am currently testing out the LVAK from Aptus Design Group.  It replaced my Ryker AFAK, which I did review a few years ago.

If that all fails you, and you just happen to have an AR15, or any rifle with a stock of any kind, get yourself a Blue Alpha Stock Sock.  Notice how all of these will fit an RMT in various ways.

If all of the above absolutely fails your particular situation and you just cannot do anything like this at all, then you surely will have to drive wherever you are going, and better have a piece of kit in a location you know than not.  Get yourself a Visor Tourniquet Carrier from V Development Group.

Visor Tourniquet Carrier for your vehicle's (car) visor

Any way you slice it, this was a complete and utter failure on many levels.  If you carry a gun you should carry a tourniquet.  It is just that simple.  Carry your tools.