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 Hit the range and zeroed the Walther 5" Compact PDP now with Ameriglo's and a Steiner MPS.  When I zero any pistol I follow the same general procedure, sometimes it takes a lot of ammo, sometimes it doesn't.  It took me about 30 rounds to zero the irons and then another 20 (shooting in 5 shot groups) to zero the MPS.  I got it close to the iron sights, where are the Ameriglo Pro-I Dot's on this PDP, and if you zero the dot with them, they are too short but allow me to get pretty close.  The above photo is a 100 drill that I shot at 25 yards with 115gr Winchester 9mm.  As you can see it's just left, two or so clicks to the right and they are about dead center.  Shooting a 100 drill at 25 yards is a great way to confirm your zero with any dot.  You should be able to get very similar grouping if your dot is zeroed properly.