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Cool Guy Duty Cuff Pouch

"strategic dark handcuff pouch

The boys over at Strategic Dark sent me their kydex handcuff pouch.  On their website, it says it's only for specific types of cuffs but you can cinch down the screw and make them work for pretty much any cuff.  I tested out various types that I have from hinged to plastic ASP cuffs (that you shouldn't use other than training), and they all fit fine.  

You can see the cinch rubber side screw in the above photo, construction is very hefty.  They used thick kydex.

"You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day" PS 91:5.  Rear construction offers numerous options for mounting, or otherwise, attachment points.  

If you are a high-speed LEO type or like to LARP with the best of them, these are an excellent piece of kit.  Get them over at Strategic Dark.  As I get more experience and use out of them I'll post up.