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lumtec solar vortex glock 48 handleit grips seraph holster muzzle pad

 I have a few of these Handleitgrips, sent to me from the company and they are pretty good.  Fit the model they are for and grip really well in the hand, I'll be doing more of a post soon about them.

The watch is a Lum-tec Vortex Solar, which is pretty cool.  It's their new solar-powered lineup.  If you want an alternative from automatic/manual or quartz (battery) powered watches, this may be the ticket for you.  Yes it has a battery and is technically a quartz watch, but it charges from the sun, sorta like superman.  The inner bezel rotates and has a near JLC look for the crowns.  The lume is out of this world bright, just like all of Lum-tec's offerings.  Would recommend checking it out.

The bottom right is a Flat Teardrop Muzzle Pad from V Development Group.  You add it to your AIWB holster and it, like by magic, becomes more comfortable and concealable.  It works very well and I would highly recommend it.