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 If you are in the market for cool guy AR15 parts, you should check out Bootleg Inc for various parts, like uppers, rails, and the suppressed bolt carrier setups that can be changed on the fly.  Their stuff is awesome and this particular rifle has a bunch of rounds through it.  No issues.  

As far as AR15 parts go, Arisaka Defense is probably one of the better companies on the market for the majority of the accessories they sell.  This FDE Tall 1.93" mount for the Aimpoint T1/T2 is very well built and super easy to install.  Well thought out, made in the US, and the guys at Arisaka Defense really know their stuff.  Support a good American business!

If you are looking for a really good all-purpose cold /winter weather glove, check out the SKD PIG cold weather gloves.  I have a few of these that I use on and off duty, they really work well.  I've been using SKD gloves for a long time and am really happy with them overall, probably do a review at the end of this winter for those looking for gloves for next winter.

Headhunterblades.com Dirty Blade should always be on everyone's radar.  If you have a large hand, and/or want a really awesome carry/training package they have a great selection of blades.