Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Support Officer Eric Talley's Family

Officer Eric Talley

Yesterday, Officer Eric Talley of the @boulderpolice PD, at 51 years old and being with Boulder since 2010 was the first responding Officer to the active killer event inside a super market in Boulder CO. He was shot and killed.

Officer Talley, without regard for self, ran towards the gunfire to try to stop others from being killed, to try to save lives, knowing full well what the current political climate is like, knowing full well that every millisecond of his actions will be scrutinized for a flaw or mistake, knowing full well that he may not go home. He did it anyway.

I am often asked what sets LEOs apart from other people or citizens and it's not just the mindset, but those LEOs who, without a moments consideration, move towards the battle, towards the danger, and do so in the name of honor, knowing full well they may be giving up everything to do so.

Officer Talley died well yesterday, in combat for the lives of those who depended on him, he died for his brothers and sisters, he was killed because that is what he knew would be asked of him, there is no greater honor than to fall in the service of your community, your brothers and sisters, and your honor.

Whenever anyone speaks about this event, whenever anyone mentions it you make sure to tell them Officer Talley was a brave man, an honorable LEO, may his name and memory live on in those closest to him and his family. May his brothers and sisters remember him with the honor he deserves.

I will drink to his actions and memory tonight.