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BF2020/Cyber Monday


samsung sd card

Every single sales season I post the same thing.  Buy memory, LOTS of memory.  You should have backups to you backups of your backups, which you backup every few weeks or months depending on your workload.  There are absolutely zero excuses to NOT have backups or redudancies.  Black Friday is always a good time to purchase large amounts of memory at a discount.  Check out these BF/CM deals and consider getting some:

Samsung SD Cards 128 and 256 cards

Toshiba 1TB - 4TB External HDD

Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal HDD

SanDisk MicroSD Cards 400gb/512gb/1TB

Samsung EVO/PRO MicroSD Card 64gb-512gb

Samsung SSD (Solid State Drives) - These are the new standard

PNY Various Memory Cards

I have many of the above, some of backups, some for cameras, some for phones.