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Two Officer Involved Videos

EDP (emotionally disturbed person) has a box cutter in his hand after causing an accident.  LAPD female officer doesn't wait for him to get close enough to her and puts numerous bullets into him from a distance.  The backdrop is suspect but she does a great job of putting rounds on the threat and neutralizing him before he was able to cause any more injury.

A Baltimore PD Sgt responds to a call for an active killer inside a methadone clinic, he grabs a rifle and goes full tilt on the dude.  Lack of shield to stop rounds and the Sgt just officering the fuck up and dusting this dude in a shootout got him a medal of valor or something like that.  There are several critiques to be made here, the easiest being doesn't get into a cqb close-range shootout if you don't need to and if you know the subject is already violent, waiting to use force until being fired upon is a no-go.  You can use force immediately in these types of situations, the guy already killed someone and was already armed.  Even still, video is incredible.