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Maple Leaf LLC Slide Milling

Dependable companies that provide a service in this industry are far and few between.  Too many that are hyped up and fall vastly short of what they advertise they can deliver.  Maple Leaf LLC is NOT one of those companies.  I needed another slide milled for my ACRO, because the previous company used dropped the ball hardcore.  When I contacted Maple Leaf they were quick to respond to DM's and provided me with a very acceptable turn around time, even gave me a first responder discount.  At the end of it, the total price was 1/3rd of what I paid for service of a well-known competitor, it took 1/2 the time to deliver and they actually responded to emails.  

I chose the non-cerakoted option because I don't need it, as I'll just coat that section prior to ACRO install.  The slide itself was previously worked on by DP Custom Works and cerakoted by Robar.  

The ACRO fits perfectly snug into the slide.

No issues with the mill size.

As you can see the mill, overall, was done well.  I'll be posting more photos as I go, but as of this post, Maple Leaf LLC is the "go to" miller in the industry.  If you want a slide done by them check out their website.  I'll likely be getting a 34 slide done by them shortly.