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EDC stuff you need

If you're running an AIWB setup and you still do not have a V Development Group Seraph AIWB Duty Grade Holster kit you are missing out on a great piece of kit.  If you are content with your AIWB holster but do not have all the latest technology upgraded accessories, you should check out the Mod 4 1.75" Universal Clip with Extra Clamping Force, and the DarkWing.  Even still, you should definitely check out the three different muzzle pads available, the Flat, Teardrop and Large muzzle pads are purpose built and designed specifically around everyday AIWB carry.  As I have always said if you carry a gun every day you should carry medical items as well, specifically a Chest Seal like the FTS pictured above, it's small and very effective.  You should already be carrying a tourniquet but if you are still up in the air on which one to get definitely consider the RMT which is CoTCCC approved.  I wrote a whole article on the RMT and why you should carry one, read it.