Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Active Shooter in Nova Scotia and a Hero LEO falls

This morning a POS in rural Nova Scotia dressed as an RCMP officer with a fake police car began to shoot and kill several people.  Eventually, 23 year Constable Heidi Stevenson caught up with him in this rural area and made contact.  She was killed trying to defend the local community.  Shortly thereafter, another RCMP Constable Char Morrison was shot but is in stable condition now.  The POS was shot and killed by a responding tactical team. 

As I posted on my IG page, I want to point that being alone out on the street and responding to such a high-risk situation takes huge balls of steel.  Constable Stevenson not only responded but she made contact and tried to stop the POS.  She was killed in the line of duty, she died with honor for upholding her oath as a LEO.  She died well. 

As LEO's, it is our responsibility to train hard, to develop our mindset and always be the tip of the spear.  There may come a time when it is just you and someone evil, hellbent on taking lives.  To fall in the service of your community, your country, is to do so with honor.  A hard lesson, but a lesson that is worth learning the hard way.