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Every EDC is different has to be able to fit a specific mission requirement.  Depending on what you are doing and where you are going you may need very specific tools or general-purpose tools.  The Amtacblades.com Northman is a pocket blade which is very much applicable to everyday carry.  The M2 QuickMag V2 is something which I've been testing on and off, I will be tweaking the design a little bit before I get it the go-ahead but so far it's a good pocket magazine solution which greatly overcomes the issues other systems (like the neomag) have inherent to their designs, it's also very modular and comes with a discreet clip attachment, lots of boxes checked.  The Nightstick Lights USB-558XL is a light I will carry from time to time as it is small, USB rechargeable and has a lot of different applications.  I would recommend you check it out if you are looking for a "one size fits all" solution for a duty/EDC flashlight.  It's in my review queue.