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Miami Dade UPS armed hijacker shooting incident

If you have not seen this yet, it's been all over the internet, all the crazy anti-LE people are coming out in droves and putting their foot in their mouths.  Right now, the news is reporting (link autoplays a video with sound) that 4 are dead after a daytime jewelry store robbery and carjacking of a UPS truck and the kidnapping of its driver who was killed in a subsequent daytime freeway during traffic shootout.  The issue people are pointing out is that the officers used civilian's cars as temporary cover and that was extremely bad.  It may have been, but it is too soon to tell as its an ongoing investigation which requires more time to develop and for forensics to come back from the deceased and shot.  One innocent bystander was shot and killed, there is also a ton of video.  I'm going to try to post as much video as I can here, although its difficult to find and its getting zucked almost as fast as it's being uploaded.  Once there is more info available and more reports come back I will sit down and hammer out an educated LE opinion article on it.