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P-14 Gen2+ Monocular Unit

I am working on a few new things, one of which is evaluating this PRG P-14 Gen2+ monocular unit.  Which can be purchased at www.saltcityguncompany.com for about $1000.  It uses some proprietary parts which cannot be installed (easily) to this unit from a traditional PVS14 unit.  As of this posting I have about 40 hours of total use, have not replaced the battery yet.  I'll get more into it as I get more experience with this unit but I can easily say that for practical application from hunting, LE-specific use (personally owned unit, not department issued), or just general night time goonery, I'd say this will easily be good to go. 

Check out this semi-review of this unit, I will not be doing a video of this kind but will definitely be doing an in depth review as I gain more experience with it.

If you are interested in this unit, use code VDMSR at checkout and get $50 off, per unit.