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Night Time Fun

When it gets dark, what do you do?

The Revision Military ballistic helmet uses a Wilcox G24 attached to a Mod Armory Bridge which has two Gen2+ P-14 NVG Units (use code VDMSR for $50 off/per unit, and they'll match two units if you buy two at the same time).  Still working on getting data on this setup and will be updating as I go.  The Modlite IR flashlight is awesome in use.  The Unity Tactical ATOM on a Glock 17 with an Aimpoint ACRO, which works well with the P-14's.  Attached is a Gemtech GM9 can, a Nightstick Lighting 850xl WML, which is good to go.  There is an Overwatch Precision Flat Thin Blue Line trigger on there as well and an SCD from Taudevgroup.com which is hidden.  Decent night time application setup.