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Cheap Bino Setup

While I am still working on vetting this particular setup, I can tell you that based on my short 40 or so hours of use with two P-14's (available from saltcityguncompany.com) on a Mod armory lightweight bridge, attached to a Wilcox G24, on a Revision Military ballistic helmet that these are pretty damn good for the price.  If you are interested check them out, they were nice enough to give me a discount code VDMSR, for $50 off a unit and if you use my code they will pair up units in terms of quality so you don't get varying quality in two units.  I've been using this Modlite IR head on their 18650 body and tailcap, which I am very happy with.  As I gain more experience I will continue to post, expect a decent sized twice up with more photos and videos as I go.