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Mini-E-Med Gen 2 from ICC

Immediate Casualty Care sent me this Min-E-Med Gen2 pocket kit which has a few features which I wanted in a pocket medical kit that I have not seen recently.  First and foremost, it has a wide and dense pull tab made out of thick scuba webbing.  This allows for a decent purchase one handed for a "rip" type of extraction from your pocket.  I carry this particular one in a cargo pocket most times but it fits in any pocket because of it's size. 

The RMT is folded abnd easily fits inside of it with the pull tab of the RMT exposed.  Training has shown that a one handed removal of the Min-E-Med is very easy, either hand, and once out you can either put the RMT pull tab in your mouth or put the pull tab of the Min-E-Med in your mouth and deploy that way.  Either way is easy and quick for one handed application. 

For this photo there are two sets of nitrile gloves in the left pocket, for EDC carry a Wound Clot Hemostatic sits in the other pocket folded.  This works pretty well and the minimalist approach to this type of EDC application is good enough for me to adopt it for carry.  I will do a full review in a few months.