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LE OIS Study on Race

PoliceOne.com posted an article about a study, titled Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings.  The findings were not of any surprise to me, or would be to any in the LE field knows what's going on in that profession (and is honest about it). 

First and foremost, police departments don't follow federal reporting guidelines, not just for reporting officer involved shooting information, but many of the federal reporting guidelines are disregarded.  This isn't new and is to be completely expected as most top brass aren't officers anymore they are political animals and they change department statistics at whim to fit their view and overall agenda.

Officers have higher numbers of OIS (officer involved shootings) in higher crime areas and of the main demographic of that particular area.  So urban areas where the majority of people are Hispanic, the number of OIS will be highest of the highest crime-producing demographic. 

The study showed that officers are more likely to shooting someone of their own race over others.  Black officers and Hispanic officers are 3.x times more likely to shoot black or Hispanic persons, respectively, than white officers shoot black or Hispanic persons. 

The core take away is that the places in the US where violent crime is highest, in a particular demographic group, that violent demographic group will be shot the most. 

This is not an exhaustive study and it only covers under one thousand OIS of 600+ different PDs from all over the US. Extrapolation shows that race has never been a factor and will never be a factor.  It turns out those who are violent criminals get shot more often but LEOs than any other type of criminal and that is specifically related to the crime and NOT the demographic. 

Again, it may seem redundant to point out, but this absolutely to be expected and has been exactly the same for decades in most of the US.  It will only continue to proven more concisely once the PDs are forced to follow better reporting protocols.