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TCCC approved RMT

According to today's TCCC announcement, the Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet is now on the TCCC approved list.  Which means it has, in a short amount of time, gone from a relative unknown, yet highly versatile and applicable tourniquet on the market to TCCC approval, which is essentially the "stamp of approval" for many LE/MIL contracts/applications. 

As I posted today, I am not surprised it was approved by TCCC, I was just surprised that it was done so quickly, I thought it would be another year or two before it would happen.  Either way, this RMT has been in line with my experience and personal testing.  I can tell you, without any hesitation, that the RMT is a very good to go tourniquet, as it was years ago when I began to endorse it over the SOF-T wide and the CAT (gen whatever), both of which I have broken in real world applications, and have posted about here, as well as other places.  There are plenty of people who have been very dismissive of the RMT and they are probably not too happy that a recognized body has accepted it as being highly capable and applicable to that which requires a tourniquet.

I am still in the process of typing out a general review of the RMT, mainly an overview of how it works for EDC and training, both of which it excels in.  I would highly recommend you always carry a tourniquet on your person at all times, and this is a very good tourniquet to have.