Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Think about the amount of time you spend sitting around and being pseudo productive, sometimes giving yourself a false sense accomplishment.  How often does that happen?  It is often said that you must do a task, or train a skill for thirty days to make it a habit, yet instead of training ourselves to do productive things we train ourselves to sit and watch TV, or worse, eat while watching TV.  We do this consistently and at our very detriment.  It is one thing to spend two or three hours a week watching TV in total, it is something completely different to spend that same time on developing applicable skill sets.  Reading a book on mindset, dieting, accounting, child rearing, etc is exponentially more productive in the long term than that TV show you just binged on.  Spending time exercising compound movements is an extremely good way of developing muscle and overall fitness, yet we do not apply the same fundamental concepts to developing our skill sets or mental fortitude.  Why not?  Can you listen to a podcast on an informative topic while exercising?  Watch a documentary about a particularly difficult topic while doing burpees in your living room?  This isn't multitasking, which would be a divided attention task, this is focusing on a particular task while passively intaking another skill concept.  You can, and should, work your body and mind at the same time.  You want to listen to music while running or exercising? Great, you are actually losing precious time applying yourself to learning something while you are working out.  Try it.  This greatly applies to driving distances as you should be listening to audio books on topics you want to learn more about.  This should be a standard for you whenever you drive, listen to an informative podcast, listen to an audio book, listen to something which gives you dual productivity and allows for cultivation of a mental skill set which you would otherwise require direct or "deep thought" type attention to obtain.