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The Pistol Optic Battle

Pistol mounted optics are going to be a field which is going to progressively get better, while innovating in the technology area of the optic world.  We are seeing the development jump which occurred from the 1-4x to the 1-8x LPVO's of last year, that ended up with the NX8 and its soon to be competitors, but the pistol mounted optics segment is, in my opinion, heating.

Aimpoint recently released its P-1 ACRO which has the enclosed pistol RDS segment on lock.  It is going to be very difficult to design a better optic than this in the very near future.  While Trijicon released it's SRO to directly compete with the ACRO, they both had different types of applications.  

I will be getting the ACRO and the SRO when available, likely on an ATOM mount to test against the Aimpoint T1 and RMR because I want to see what each one does from concealment.  

I remember when the RMR first began to lead the pack of the pistol mounted optics and we speculated that if you just made the window oval, like an egg shape, you'd probably be able to pick up the dot on the draw, instead of fishing for it.  As I stated in my Optic Mounted Pistols and Concepts in Application article from a two years ago, that the biggest issue with the current pistol optic field is that you cannot find the dot on the draw, at least I could not each time, and that finding the front sight post was (and still is) the best possible method for sighting.  I also use the RDS the way it was designed, to be a pin-point type application, able to make positive hits at distances well beyond the application of current iron sight systems.  If the ACRO or the SRO allow for the ability to find the dot on the draw each time with the same draw stroke of finding my front sight post, I will likely be switching over to a pistol with an SRO or ACRO.  I was never directly against optics mounted on pistols, I was eager to see in what direction the technology would go as the whole concept did not meet the level of technology.  I am excited to see if the SRO or ACRO have made that leap to the level of technology which will allow for EDC of an optic on a pistol with all the issues resolved.

Once I get them in I will be posted about them as I go, stay tuned.