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My friend Kevin Estela released a new book called, "101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods."  I've got mine on it's way, which I pre-ordered.  Kevin takes the Sayoc Kali "Feeder" concept and applies it to survival skill sets.  you should probably be looking to read this book.  Sure there are some interesting skills you may have a chance to read about but the conceptual application of mindset to them is what this book really hammers home.  Check it out.

Personal version of the Lifestraw, for $9.96 it's pretty much a "go to" for drinking water on the go out in the wild.  I've been out with guys in the woods and this worked very well.  At the very least it gives you a piece of mind for filtering water on the cheap.  Lifestraw makes a whole line of various things, if you are into filtering water you know its a good option.

When the spring time comes around I usually start a shake-a-day meal replacement diet for March-April and into May.  A super cheap option is to get one of these Magic Bullet blenders which work really well.  I had one before I bought a higher end Ninja Professional blender or if you want an even higher end get yourself a Vitamix and call it a day (forever).  I usually do a workout and then make a shake with protein, alternating between various fruits.  You don't need a big shake, 16-20oz works well.

New to market Baleaf quick dry running (or exercise) shorts, both in 7" and "silky" style Pace shorts.  These are invaluable for hot weather workouts outside.  I am constantly outside running, hiking, working out, and while I enjoy wearing industry type workout items, the same type of workout shorts from 5.11 are in the $30-$60 range.

Speaking of running and working out, I use this O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet cream.  I started using this after I have been using O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for a long time and it works fantastically.  My hands and feet crack under heavy use, winter or summer, so I use this stuff on both.  I do Epsom salt foot soaks after long hikes and runs, it does a lot of good if your feet start to bloat or retain water in the summer months.  All of these are ways of keeping your body going through the hot months.

The best "duck" "duct" "100 mph" "drift spec" tape on the market.  I used to buy random gray duck tape from the local stores and it always left me wanting.  This Black Gorilla Tape is fantastic.  I keep a roll in my car, and a roll on each bag because it can do so much.  It really works well, to the point you can tape wet skin together if needed, or a bumper back on a car, or people to things, whatever your need.

I've got this set of resistance bands from Fit Simply, they are $10.85 and I use them for added resistance while doing pushups, while doing squats and burpees, they work really well for making simple workouts more difficult.  If you can bang out like 50 pushups straight, put the black band on your back and under your hands if you can do 20 I'd be surprised.  It is a serious addition.