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Lumtec M80

I have owned a lot of watches over the years and I am a big fan of Lumtec's commitment to developing watches that customers want to wear.  The M80 is that exact watch.  I am extremely happy with it, as it has all the features and size, that I enjoy and Lumtec's industry crushing patented lume.  This isn't an ad for them, I like their watches and I want those who want to support American businesses to know what to look for in terms of this type of thing.  I'll be posting a review in the next month or two of it. 

Also pictured, Amtacblades.com The Northman Blade, a Glock 19 Gen3 FDE with a Thompson_Leh RMR upper with a Trijicon LED RMR, Ameriglo MOS Height sights and an M67.