Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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A perfect example keeping calm under pressure, and not.

Officer Paul Sulock gets shot in the leg during a pistol fight, disregards his injury and chases down one of the suspects, secures him and then gets transported to the ER.  Listen to how calm he is when he is speaking over radio, he is actually THINKING before he speaks, running through all the things he needs to say, information he needs to convey.  Location, description, etc.  Listen to the dispatcher taking complete control over the situation, she's got a lot of stuff to go through (they have checklists for these types of occurrences, usually).  She keeps completely calm, getting all the info she possibly can and making sure everyone knows what to do, relaying info as needed, keeping control of her voice because a dispatchers tone can most definitely fuck everyone up listening instantly.

Now listen to the brass come over radio, voice high pitched, yelling, getting everyone worked up.  Don't be like them.