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Sunday Evening Thoughts

We all have a group of people we consider friends.  It is extraordinarily important that the people you keep close to you are members of your particular tribe.  They will validate their commitment to you, through their actions of striving to accomplish the mission.  If you have "friends" who are not working towards accomplishing the mission, you need approach them in an effort to explain, not just your expectations, but the mission's requirements.

If you are considered a leader among your tribe, and it falls on you to remove people from a particular group inside the tribe or the tribe in general, then it is paramount that you not burn bridges.  Reaching out to the person who is in question is absolutely required to aid in conflict deterrence.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to help those in your tribe succeed.  If you do not reach out and try to remedy those in your tribe, into coming in line with others, to achieve the mission then you are solely responsible for what happens when you attempt to excommunicate someone from your tribe.

Beyond all issues which may play a role inside a tribe, notwithstanding personality conflicts, as a leader the responsibility falls on you to convey information and advise as needed.  If you do not, then you are either intentionally, or ignorantly, setting the fire to burn the bridge of that alliance.

Burn enough of those bridges, the whole tribe will get caught in the fire.

Check out Ben Shapiro's interview with Jocko Willick - Awesome interview and Jocko clearly understands how a tribe is supposed to function.  He does not use certain words or phrases I do, but it can be understood.