Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Mindset isn't a game

It's simple, tough times are only overcome by the strong and highly trained. Our level of readiness has nothing to do with our backgrounds, race, religion or culture. It has everything to do with the responsibility we all have to our families, our communities, our tribe and ourselves. We must be ready, and that is not an attainable goal, it's a progressively neverending climb to the top of a mountain attempting to reach an insurmountable summit. Politics mean nothing to the dead, and there have been plenty of them, and more to come. Let's work on a mental exercise for a minute: you were walking by on the street in front of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and as you were walking by you observed a man with a rifle enter the synagogue and you heard gunfire. At that moment, what will be your first thought? What is your first action? Are you ready for the task at hand? Have you prepared? Are you equipped? Have you trained? Are you willing to do what must be done? What if that means losing your life? Think about it. You don't need to respond to this post. Just take a moment and answer those questions honestly and sincerely. If you are lacking in any of those aspects or questioning yourself, seek out training, find mentors who will point you in the right direction. I don't know the officer in the photo above, I have no idea what he's thinking about or what he's considering. I do know that I have been in his shoes on more than one occasion. I've walked away from gruesome scenes which I'll never forget, that I recall from time to time in my mind. I can tell you that regardless of your level of readiness you are the only person who will ever be able to deal with the aftermath of your actions, both good and bad. You are ultimately responsible for your action or inaction, and we are all responsible for our ignorance. *Posted photo reposted from NYT.com* · #vdmsr #tactical #weaponsdaily #pewpew #gunsbadassery #weaponsfanatics #firearms #gunsdaily #weaponsreloaded #letsgopewpew #sickguns #9mm #voodooman #556 #gun #edc #glock19 #glock #ar15 #mindset
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