Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

We should all strive to take as logical an action as possible.  There are several issues to living this way which can be easily taught through childhood if you have parents or mentors who understand the concepts themselves.  However, logic does not, in and of itself, exist without disciple.  You cannot take logical actions without first obtaining, and maintaining, the discipline necessary to achieve your goal.  When you build upon these real world applicable concepts and take action, you should continue this way throughout your life.  Eventually you will end up clearly seeing when an action, thought or circumstance has developed illogically.  You build until you get to a pillar which supports your overall mindset that feeds into the required areas of your life, allowing you to be productive.

Working towards a logical conclusion of a concept is something that we should also work on whenever possible.  We have accepted some things throughout lives without any speculation due to axiomatic processes in place which are taught in schools and home life.  Questioning certain concepts and thoughts growing up my rub so hard against the grain you may have flirted with it but then discarded it because of the possibility of severe rebuttal.  Overcoming these dogmatic practices are very difficult, but they are very possible when seeking conclusions based in logic.

What does all this mean to interpersonal violence, training, mindset and developing your personal skill sets to become a better you and never going backwards?  We are constantly bombarded by concepts, both philosophical and tangible (in the form of products/items/training), and we have to constantly discriminate what we want to gain out of them, while casting away those things we do not.  We have look at every item and training we look to purchase in a logical way, specifically considering the logical conclusion, the end point, of that particular item or training.  You wouldn't buy a leather belt loop holster because kydex holsters exist and are magnitudes better, but people still buy leather belt loop holsters.  This is because they do not take the time to process what the logical conclusion would be, for them, in regards to that particular carry method.  We do not go take classes from average Joe down the street who only has an NRA certificate because we know there are guys in the industry who are vastly more qualified and do not cost much more, but yet there are people who show up to these people's classes all the time.  Yes, people pay Voda money to be taught garbage more than people will pay a top tier instructor.  This is just a fact of life.  Don't believe me? Check the number of followers your average IG celeb has versus the number of followers the average top tier instructor has.  Pretty illogical, wouldn't you agree?

Do not fall for this.  Do not fall for the marketing, the IG celebs, the YT celebs, guys who make and/or sell items they have never used in the real world outside of a square range.  Do not trust the people who are constantly talking about equipment and not tactics.  Those who oppose mindset of any kind or refer to those who think tactically as a "timmy" or some such none-sense.  Disregard them completely.  They have not taken the time to consider their actions or thoughts, they never thought through their purchases or mindset.  They will enjoy a rude awakening one day.  Their followers will experience something similar. 

Real world applicable concepts, training, and equipment are the only types which should ever be considered.  How do you figure it out? Don't trust random people who don't care about you or your situation, think for yourself.  Work through the logical concepts of application or processes.  This is your responsibility because you are going to be the only person there when you are tested, and each of us will be tested.  Will your decisions leading up to that point allow you to survive?