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Adidas terrex swift r2 on massdrop

I missedthesem when they first launched or else I'd have posted them.  This drop ends in 1 day from the time of this post.  You have to sign into massdrop, sign up if you don't have an account.  Please use this link to sign up (you get $10/off your first order, and I get $10 towards an order).  After you make an account just use the search bar at the top right and type in Adidas terrex swift r2 - they are $104.99 plus shipping and thats the best price you'll find on these anywhere.  (To save you the hassle, they are $170 on tactical distributors and $135 on amazon).  I did a review of a pair of Adidas fast-r shoes I had and I was pretty impressed with them.  Once a pair of my daily Salomons finally gives up I'll be getting a pair of these of the low version.  I think these are a definite competitor to salomon.