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NoiseFighters Sordin

I like niche products, especially those which are designed to make really good products even better.  NoiseFighters Sent me these gel earmuff pads for the Sordin earpro.  Since I have been using Sordin Supreme Pro X for a while now, I know exactly at what level they will perform on the range and on duty.  I can tell you that the gel earmuff pads which come OEM with the Sordin's are good, but these are on a totally different level.

The NoiseFighters on the bottom, the OEM Sordin gel earmuff pads on the top.  You can tell the difference in size.

A close-up of the NoiseFighters on the left and OEM Sordin's on the right.  More contact equals more noisefighting.

You can see that the NoiseFighters are heftier in every respect, they are clearly over-designed. which is awesome.

Stamped on the Noisefighter what type of earpro they are for.

Install video above, pretty straight forward for the Sordin's.

I particularly like the fact that they have a channel built in for your eye protection, which is awesome.  I am going to put them through their paces in the upcoming months and will bang out a review.  Maybe I'll get some more for the other types out there so I can see if there is an upgrade for a cheaper electronic earpro to make it work better than it was designed.