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Massdrop Finds - Packs!

In order to see the items you need a Massdrop Account - if you use the link I provided I get credit, you get $10 off your order.  Which is pretty good.  You sign up for an account and you'll need to search (top right in massdrop) for the item.   All items require pricing.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack - $99.99.  Cheaper than anywhere else.

Mystery Ranch In & Out 19L Daypack -$54.99.  Pretty interesting pack.

Mystery Ranch Stein 62L Backpack - $189.99

Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L Daypack - $119.99

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Watch - $419.99

Mythical Beasts Zippo Lights - $26.99

CableLinx Elite Premium Braided Cables - $9.99, they are Elite and Premium. 

Kershaw Dividened Liner-Lock Damascus - $84.99, who doesn't like Damascus?

Red Rock Ghilie Suit - $32.99, because sneaking up on mofos is awesome.