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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Live a savage lifestyle, in that, you disregard people's opinions unless you have verified reasons to believe them.  Not every chef can cook something you, personally, will like.  Not every mechanic knows how to fix your particular car, and not every instructor is competent in even the concepts they are instructing.  I have run into so many weak and unqualified instructors in the 2A industry that I am becoming much more skeptical as I get older of people's experiences and skill sets.  I am constantly seeking out very specifically skilled, almost niche skilled, instructors as I progress because I want very specific bits of instruction on concepts I have already developed but want someone who has more knowledge than me to provide a different approach to.  This is, of course, not always the case.  Often times I have shown up to classes only to see that the instructor cannot teach me anything new because I know everything the instructor is touching on, sometimes more.  Not that I am the smartest guy, far from it, I am merely someone who has gone out of his way for a long time to gain first hand experience and confirm it through training, or the other way around.  That well, however, seems to be drying up, and the wide acceptance of social media is really killing the training industry due to the wide array of people who are self labeling themselves instructors.