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Deal on Spinnaker Fluess SP5056-02 - Massdrop

So over at Massdrop they are having a smoking killer deal on this Spinnaker Fluess SP5056-02.  I've been eyeballing this cheap diver-looking watch for a while now and decided to jump on it as its nearly 50% off its standard price of $285.00.

Few things - you have use THIS LINK (full disclosure, yes I get a referral thing for everyone who buys stuff from using this link) and you have to make an account, but you can connect your google or face to it.  According to the deal, you get $10 off your purchase, so it should make this watch $139.99 shipped.  There are four different types to choose from.  I already ordered the one pictured above (not my photo, it's their stock photo).  It's 43mm, so a decent size and has a Seiko NH35 24-jewel automatic movement.  I am looking forward to it.