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Weekend Finds

There are some cool things I found over the week that you guys may be interested in.  Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) 2075 Shrill Double Razor Edge, not bad for under $50 for a dagger like this.  Obviously the sheath is probably garbage but if you are handy with kydex this may be a pretty good DIY project starter.

I actually have several of these Wyze cam's inside my house and have recommended them to friends/family for indoor/outdoor facing (through a window) solution.  At $25.xx from Amazon, they are pretty good to go.  I would high recommend getting a 32gb micro SD card for local recording.  It has a lot of features like app-based instant movement/sound/co2/smoke/fire notifications, records 1080p and audio, you are also able to do two way communication.  Base is magnetic so you can just snap it onto something metal, like a door frame or frig.  Comes with a long USB cord.  If you've been looking for something simple and cheap this is probably something you should look at.

Ryker Nylon AFAK (ankle first aid kit) are 10% off over at V Development Group with code MDM.  Cheapest you will find it around, also make sure to check out their medical items as they are also 10% off over the weekend.  If you wanted to snag one of their RMTourniquet's this is the time. 

If you are looking for a cool summer diver/tool watch for EDC, the Seiko Samurai is a good bet for a solid investment of a watch.  Depending on the type you want (in terms of color/hands/etc config) you can get them for right under $400 which is a steal for one of these Seiko's. 

I like carbon fiber, so when I see new carbon fiber stuff it catches my eye.  Zero Tolerance 0770CF; 3.25” High-Performance Crucible S35VN, has a carbon fiber handle, and not a bad mid grade utility blade for pocket EDC.

There are a lot of Leather Catchall's on Amazon, but only a handful of them are actually Made in the USA.  Whenever possible I purchase from USA manufacturers, local-preferred.  Check them out.  You should have good habits (protocols) for putting your EDC tools away and putting them back on every day.

Speaking of EDC stuff, I wanted to include this Aulta Acuatico in this post, not because I have one or have ever seen it in person, I have not, but because it's founded in Hawaii (that's sorta USA, right?) and its got all the hip new modern dive watch attributes everyone likes.  Bezel looks like an Omega Seamaster take off, 4 o'clock crown like some of the popular Seiko's, stone washed case and Omega looking bracelet, contrasting blue dial VS. orange second hand.  Has a Japanese movement, which is why its around $250 from their website.  They make an all black version too if you absolutely need to be completely tacticool while operating in your operational operations. 

Lastly, since Yeti coolers shot themselves in the foot pissing on our 2A rights, I'd recommend taking a look at Walmart's brand Ozark Trail coolers.  On Amazon and other places online, they are expensive, if you have a Walmart near you, stop by and check them out.  You can get a 52 quart cooler for around $140 out the door and they are pretty good.  I have a small 26 quart ozark trail cooler and have used it on hot beach days.  As long as you pre-cool it properly overnight and then pack it correctly it will last all day and well into the next morning if needed.  At about half the cost of a Yeti, you are getting a decent deal.  You also don't need to worry about someone stealing your cooler.