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Purpose Built Kit

If you are like me, then the average piece of kit readily available at a local cop shop or tacticool store is simply not enough.  You probably need something more, and specific to your particular setup, in your particular circumstance, only applicable to your particular situation.  Sometimes tools change, kit changes, gear needs to be vetted and readjusted.  Especially if you live in an NPE, or violent area.  I am always trying to figure out what those changes need to be and determine the formulas required to trigger those changes.

Setup in the photo: 1.5" RMTourniquet (newest version of TQ available on the market) | VDevGroup exclusive PHLster Spotlight Glock Hoslter with X300 Ultra with VDevGroup Flat Wedge (which is a must have for any built in hard wedge) | PHLster P.E.W. packed with all sorts of goodies available from PHLster or individually at VDevGroup's Medical Section