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Weapon Mounted Lights

In clock wise starting at the top right, TLR-8, TLR-1s, TLR-2 HL G, XH35, X300 Ultra, TLR-7.  I reviewed the TLR-1s a while ago and have not been using recently as I had the TLR-2 HL G to use, as well as, the X300 Ultra.  Both of which I have been putting to various use on pistols and rifles, trying to gain experience with them.  I recently acquired the XH35, TLR-7 and TLR-8.  All three are very good modern WML's.  I will likely be focusing on the TLR-7 for EDC CCW type application.  It has the dimensions which would allow for a better IWB and AIWB application.  I believe that the TLR-7 and TLR-8 will be able to step into the hole which lights like the Viridian X5L left wide open because of the excellent build quality which can be expected from Streamlight.  One of the biggest issues with lower profile lights from Viridian and Inforce is that they have a lot of plastic involved and that does not do well for anything other than a soft used photography gun.  I covered some of the issues with the Viridian X5L in my review of it.  So I am eager to see how it works out in development and how it works for AIWB as it may be a game changing item.

As far as the XH35 is concerned, it fits in most of the X300 Ultra holsters I have and while I would not carry it AIWB due to size constraints, the XH35 would be an awesome rifle or OWB duty pistol WML.  I am going to do some testing with it and see how it ends up working.  I will report back with my experiences.